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Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Lubotsky

The Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online (IEDO) reconstruct the lexicons of the most important languages and language branches of Indo-European. As of 2023, IEDO is available for libraries in two different formats:

  • IEDO – Individual Dictionaries is a series of online resources that can be purchased separately but are all cross-searchable.
  • IEDO – Consolidated Database is a unified online resource containing most of the individual dictionaries, as well as some additional dictionaries that are not offered individually.

There are three search options: single language, all languages, or a subset of two or more languages. In addition to simple searches, literal (whole-word) searches are also possible. Entries are accompanied by grammatical information, meaning(s), etymological commentary, reconstructions, cognates, and bibliographical information. From time to time additional dictionaries will be made available for purchase. Updates to existing dictionaries, consisting of additional and revised entries, are provided as a free service to subscribers.

NEW features as of 2023:

  • Online dictionaries are available individually for the first time.
  • Literal (whole-word) search box added.
  • Multiple searches on a subset of languages made easy via a cluster page.
  • Two new online resources will be added to the consolidated database in September 2023: A Digital Concordance of the R̥gveda by Alexander Lubotsky, and The R̥gveda: The complete text with Geldner's and Griffith’s translations.
  • Updates to existing dictionaries provided as a free service to subscribers.

IEDO – Individual Dictionaries makes the following dictionaries available separately:


Components that are currently only available as part of the consolidated database (not as individual dictionaries):

  • Cuneiform Luvian Lexicon Online
  • Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic Online
  • Materials for an Etymological Database of North Lechitic Dialects Online
  • Lithuanian Etymological Dictionary Online

For more information on these dictionaries, see the IEDO – Consolidated Database page.