Brill | mentis


Brill | mentis has stood for an exquisite academic program in the fields of philosophy and literary studies since 1998. The imprint is particularly known for its high-quality publications in the field of analytical philosophy.

Program profile

The philosophical program at Brill | mentis includes publications from the analytically influenced areas of logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of science, but also from all other philosophical subject areas in which the methodological principles of analytic philosophy are applied. The program is open to all research that deals with problems of theoretical or practical philosophy from a systematic perspective.

Our program seeks to relate philosophy to the empirical sciences and reflects the interdisciplinary discussions in which philosophers often find themselves. In the philosophy of mind, the contributions of neuroscience and cognitive science have always been considered philosophically. In addition, interdisciplinary works and anthologies in the field of philosophy of science reflect the interdisciplinary significance of philosophy.

In the area of practical philosophy, concrete ethical questions are taken up that are also discussed by the broader public. In addition to publications on ethical theories and metaethics, the program includes contributions on almost all areas of applied ethics: medical ethics, bioethics, animal ethics and climate ethics. Other areas in the field of practical philosophy are philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, philosophy of education and aesthetics.

In literary studies, Brill | mentis offers a program structure based on the analytical orientation of its philosophical program with a focus on literary and lyric theory as well as biopoetics.

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On the genesis of Brill | mentis

At the end of the 1990s, analytical philosophy became increasingly important in Germany, the philosophy of mind developed at a rapid pace in the USA, and philosophical ethics differentiated into various field ethics in an interdisciplinary exchange. To give these developments a publishing home with a young authorship is what motivated Dr Michael Kienecker and Saskia Thiele to establish mentis Verlag on 1 October 1998. The first titles from the philosophy of mind, analytical literary studies and the "classical" areas of analytical philosophy - philosophy of language, logic, epistemology and philosophy of science - were later joined by books on ethics and moral philosophy, theory of action, political philosophy, philosophy of law and philosophy of art. The literary studies part of the program also differentiated itself further: Alongside literary and lyric theory came books on computational philology and biopoetics.

In 2012 the publishing house moved to Münster and the program was further expanded in close cooperation with authors from Münster. High-quality, modern book design increasingly became the focus. In 2018 Brill | mentis joined Brill Deutschland GmbH and moved its head office back to Paderborn.