V&R unipress


V&R unipress emerged in 2003 from the cooperation between the University of Osnabrück and Rasch Druckerei und Verlag GmbH. Once established as a subsidiary publishing house of Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, V&R unipress publishes highly specialized and high quality research papers primarily in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies. Monographs, conference and anthology volumes as well as outstanding dissertations and post-doctoral theses are published in designated series or as individual publications. Furthermore, renowned yearbooks and journals are part of the program.

The central subject areas are gender studies, history, literature and linguistics, jurisprudence and history, as well as theology and religious studies.

Every year, around 150 new publications enrich the program, which are fully formatted for print at the publishing house and offered in print and digital format by default. V&R unipress combines a fair offer for authors and editors with personal service, short production times, well-made books and professional marketing and distribution.

V&R unipress also offers its services to universities through cooperation. In cooperation with the academic advisory boards of the universities, V&R unipress now successfully publishes the programmes of four university presses: Bonn University Press (since 2005), Mainz University Press (since 2013), Universitätsverlag Osnabrück (since 2003) und Vienna University Press (since 2007).