Forthcoming Journal: Journal of Comparative Economic History


Brill is delighted with the prospect of publishing the new Journal of Comparative Economic History starting in 2019.


With the development of socio-economic history research, more and more scholars believe that only with comparative research we are able to achieve a better understanding of the major economic and social differences across geographic (countries, regions), social and institutional settings. The Journal of Comparative Economic History will address this issue with special attention to the role of China and the West.

We hope this journal will be relevant with respect to the following aspects:

  • To access non-Western scholars and readers by including topics related to non-Western regions in a comparative perspective.
  • Increase the availability and visibility of non-Western scholarship in the West.
  • Actively stimulate top-level non-Western scholars to publish in this journal.

Aims and Scope

The peer reviewed Journal of Comparative Economic History promotes knowledge exchange among experts in all branches of social sciences and humanities. Focusing on the Eurasian region without limitation on any historical epoch, while allowing for comparisons with other world regions, the objective is to make available multidisciplinary researches, hitherto unavailable studies by local academics, and cross-regional comparisons within different timelines. In this way the journal aims to investigate some of the highly paradoxical topics of economic history on different continents at different period. Full-length articles, reviews and discussions relating to comparative economic history will provide a starting point for significant academic achievements for every major field of the study of history.

ISSN: 2352-9296
E-ISSN: 2352-930X

Call for Manuscripts

The editors welcome submissions of economic history and related disciplines with a comparative nature. Authors are cordially invited to write to Prof. Ni Yuping (, or to the publisher at Brill, Wendel Scholma (, to discuss the submission of their article.

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