Mainz University Press


Mainz University Press is a publishing house established by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in cooperation with V&R unipress in 2013. The result of this collaboration is research of high quality. As an imprint of V&R unipress, Mainz University Press covers a whole spectrum of subject areas, from literature and cultural studies to politics, history and theatre studies. The works are dissertations, post-doctoral theses, monographs, thematically closed anthologies, commemorative publications and research reports. The high quality of the program’s content is guaranteed by an academic advisory board at the university.

The Mainz University Press program consists of series and individual books. The scientific advisory board or the series editors decide on admission.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you. A representative of the publishing house is also regularly present in Mainz to advise authors and editors in personal discussions. Please make an appointment if required.

The following representatives, appointed by the president, belong to the advisory board:

  • Prof Stephan Jolie (Vice President for Studies and Teaching)
  • Prof Stephan Füssel (Institute for Book Studies, FB 05)
  • Prof Silvia Hansen-Schirra (Translation, Language and Cultural Studies, FB 06)
  • Prof Thomas Hieke (Faculty of Catholic Theology, FB 01)
  • Prof Jörg Rogge (History Department, FB 07)
  • Prof Margarete Imhof (FB 02)
  • Dr Michael Hansen (University Library)

Deputies of the advisory board:

  • Christina Kreuzwieser (FB 01)
  • Dr. Marcel Vejmelka (FB 06)
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps (FB 07)
  • Dr. Christian George (University Library)

Contact persons at the publishing house:

Oliver Kätsch