Brill MyBook


New, Print-on-Demand Paperback Editions Available Through Your Library Access!

Brill’s MyBook program enables users to purchase a print-on-demand paperback copy of books of their choosing (see exceptions below), provided they have access to the E-Book version on, either through an individual purchase or via their institution[1]. Libraries that purchase any E-Book title automatically make this option available to students and scholars affiliated with that institution. This includes E-Books for which access is provided through collections, GOBI, or EBA or E-Book Select purchases. The program is part of Brill's broader initiative to make its publications more accessible to the scholarly community.

MyBook has a fixed price of €25 / $25 per copy, and is printed in black and white. Brill will ship your copy free of charge, though VAT will be added where applicable[2].

The Brill MyBook program is exclusively available on our platform. Look for the MyBook purchase option next to titles of your choice!

Interested? Browse for titles on here and purchase your first Brill MyBook![3]

Download a guide on how to purchase your MyBook copy.

Note for EZproxy users:

  • Unfortunately it's not possible to directly order your MyBook copy via the webshop if you are using the EZproxy authentication method, because EZproxy is not compatible with the payment service of our webshop. You can order your MyBook copy via this order form
  • How to check if you're using EZproxy? This can be recognized by checking the URL in your browser. If this is anything else than (e.g. something like you are probably using EZproxy. 


Exceptions to the Brill MyBook Service

A small portion of Brill's E-Books is not eligible for the Brill MyBook program. MyBook purchase options are not available for titles with one or more of these criteria:

  • Books from Brill's Ferdinand Schöningh, Wilhelm Fink and mentis imprints are excluded from the Brill MyBook program due to the regulations of the Buchpreisbindung in Germany.
  • Certain titles cannot be printed in the MyBook format due to page size restrictions (e.g. art books).
  • All Brill titles created via offset printing cannot be printed on demand as a MyBook copy.
  • Currently, MyBook is not available for Open Access titles. This may change in the future.


[1] All patrons whose library provides access to a Brill E-Book on can order a MyBook copy of any title from that collection. The MyBook purchase button will only show for those titles to which patrons have access. MyBook is exclusively reproduced for personal use only.

[2] Total shipping time will range between 5 and 10 working days, depending on the shipping address.

[3] Please note that an individual account is needed on to be able to order an E-Book.