Brill MyBook


New, Print-on-Demand Paperback Editions for Library Patrons

Brill’s MyBook program, available on the BrillOnline Books and Journals platform, enables users to purchase a print-on-demand paperback copy of books of their choosing [1], provided they have access to the e-book version via their institution. [2]

MyBook has a fixed price of €25 / $25 per copy, and is printed in black and white. Brill will ship your copy free of charge, though VAT will be added where applicable. [3]

The Brill MyBook Program is exclusively available on BrillOnline Books and Journals. Look for the MyBook purchase option next to titles of your choice.

Interested? Visit BrillOnline Books and Journals – – to find out more, or purchase your first Brill MyBook!


[1] Books from Brill's Ferdinand Schöningh, Wilhelm Fink and mentis imprints are excluded from the Brill MyBook program due to the regulations of the Buchpreisbindung in Germany.

[2] All patrons whose library subscribes to a Brill e-book collection can order MyBook of any title from that collection. The MyBook purchase button will only show for those titles patrons have access to. MyBook is exclusively reproduced for personal use only. For technical reasons some titles might not be available in the current MyBook program.

[3] All books will be printed and shipped by our vendor in the UK within one working day. Total shipping time will range between 5 and 10 working days, depending on the shipping address.