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Brill is one of the largest Open Access publishers in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As an early adopter, starting in 2009, we have published 400 Open Access books, 25 full Open Access journals and hundreds of Open Access articles. It is our ambition to make Open Access publishing possible to authors anywhere in the world, regardless of background or budget. Funding support, institutional agreements, and helping researchers comply with research funder Open Access requirements are at the heart of our Open Access program.

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Major Open Access Collaboration between Brill and ERC Project ‘Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures’
Brill has entered a new Open Access collaboration with ‘Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures’ (OpenPhilology), funded by the European Research Council. The resulting book series Buddhist Open Philology Project will publish translations of scriptures, text editions, and studies on the select corpus of Mahāyāna Buddhist scriptures (sūtra), the Mahāratnakūṭa collection of 49 sūtras. All volumes in the series will be published in Open Access with Brill.

Encyclopædia Iranica Online Now Freely Accessible at Brill
The Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University, New York, and Brill are delighted to announce that the Encyclopædia Iranica Online is now freely accessible at Brill’s Reference Works Platform. Encyclopædia Iranica is the comprehensive academic reference work dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.

An HSS perspective on the mandatory criteria for transformative journals
This is an open letter to the funders, government bodies and institutions that support Plan S and will be submitted to the open consultation of cOAlition S draft framework for transformative journals.

Brill Publishes New Open Access Journal on Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society
The Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society is a new full Open Access journal in Brill’s journal portfolio. It is published jointly by Brill and its German imprint Ferdinand Schöningh, and sponsored by the University of Vienna.

Video: Everything you ever wanted to know about Open Access publishing

Avi Staiman, CEO of Academic Language Experts, joins Stephanie Paalvast, Head of Open Research at Brill Publishers, to discuss the opportunities, pitfalls and considerations for whether you should be publishing your research Open Access.


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