Open Access Pricing Policy


Brill believes in a fair and transparent pricing policy. Our pricing policy is designed to prevent customers from paying twice for the same content, via Open Access charges as well as subscription or acquisition costs (so-called double dipping).

Subscription Journals

If 5% or more of the articles published in one of Brill’s subscription journals are Open Access articles, the subscription price for the journal will be adjusted accordingly. How it works:

  • We use a 3 year average to smooth out annual variations. For 2020, the calculations are based on 2016-2018 data.
  • The discount applied to subscription titles will be based primarily on the proportion of content published as Gold Open Access. E.g. if 5% of the content is Open Access, the price will be discounted by 5%.
  • Where the proportion of Open Access revenue is lower than the proportion of Open Access content, e.g. as a result of Article Publication Charge (APC) discounts, or local offsetting initiatives offered, we will reduce the subscription price based on revenue rather than content.
  • Journals where there is very low APC Open Access revenue, low number of articles per year, or low subscription revenue may be excluded.


Brill offers an Open Access option for book chapters. When a book contains one or more Open Access book chapters, the price of the E-Book is adjusted proportionally to reflect the percentage of Open Access content.