Publish with Brill


High Quality

Publishing research project results with Brill means that they will be included in one of our reputable, long-standing book series or journals. High quality and thorough quality control are fixed aspects of Brill’s approach to publishing. All Brill publications are subject to external, single or double-blind peer review.

Publishing Options and Arrangements

Brill collaborates with principle investigators in finding the best publication format for their output, be it a monograph, an edited volume, a research article or a special journal issue on the results of the research project. In addition, Brill offers multi-publication agreements. It is also possible to set up a book series or journal.

More information? Please contact the Brill acquisitions editor dedicated to your field, or for more information.


Open Access, Budget, and Compliancy

Brill is compliant with all funder requirements relating to Open Access, and monitors the policy landscape to keep up to speed. Brill offers Open Access to all publication formats. It is our key priority to find the best publication option to meet funder requirements while also accommodating the project budget.

Open Access Pricing

Brill’s Open Access options are competitively priced (More about charges here). In addition, we offer special discounts to principal investigators. Quotes or invoices can be provided at any point in the process to accommodate project budgeting and/or the application process.

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Visibility and Impact

To track the impact of your project output, Brill offers usage and downloads reporting on request.