Open Access for Academic Societies


Publish with Brill

Brill has a long tradition of publishing journals and books or book series in partnership with academic societies. We offer sustainability, thorough quality control, and state-of-the art publication services.

In full support of Open Access ambitions, Brill collaborates with societies to find the best format and model for their publication. It is our key priority to ensure this is visible, available, and sustainable.


Through Brill’s funding support program, we help societies find funding to make the transition to Open Access. Options include:

  • Institutional or private funding
  • Society membership arrangements
  • Knowledge Unlatched
  • Crowdsourcing

Promotion and Impact

Brill Open Access books, chapters, journals and journal articles are visited and downloaded 23% more on average compared to similar non-Open Access titles in their field.

Brill shares annual reports on usage statistics.

This is what Brill does to boost discoverability and visibility: