Forthcoming Series: Research / Art / Writing


Editor-in-Chief: Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, University of Amsterdam

Research / Art / Writing (RAW) aims to promote critical, discursive, and creative engagement with global contemporary art and visual cultures. RAW understands art as an expanded field of practice, supporting experimental and interdisciplinary writing.

We wish to provide a home for exciting, necessary, progressive work. We encourage personal approaches combined with articulated methodologies. We are interested in experimental art research: texts that account for positionality, pursuing art’s socio-political effects, while proposing rigorous answers to the question of matching form and content.

RAW invites scholarly and artistic researchers to pursue insights into art’s multiple, including indirect, efficacies. The book series seeks analysis, documentation and discussion of, as well as intervention in, art’s actors and institutions. RAW investigates roles and potentialities of art for social transformation, instituting, and re-conceiving worlds to come.

For more information about the series please contact Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes.

ISSN: 2773-1480

Emma Wolf-Haugh, Poverty of Vision, (performance with audio/video 39.30), 2017, photograph courtesy of Louis Haugh


Call for Manuscripts

This peer-reviewed book series accommodates English language monographs, edited volumes and other book forms. Books are printed in full colour and published in print and as an e-book. We invite scholars to submit their manuscript proposal for the book series to Liesbeth Hugenholtz, Acquisitions Editor Art & Architecture at Brill. Download the Call for Papers.

Editorial Board:

  • James Elkins, School of the Art Institute, Chicago
  • Maria Fusco, University of Dundee
  • Amelia Groom, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
  • Hilde Van Gelder, University of Leuven

Advisory Board

  • Burcu Dogramaci, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
  • Darby English, University of Chicago
  • Sarat Maharaj, Lund University
  • Jalal Toufic, Hong Kong Baptist University