Permissions Free of Charge


For certain types of request Brill is pleased to permit re-use of its content in accordance with specific terms and conditions. If you do not see the type of re-use you are interested in listed below, please go to CCC Marketplace to make a request.

Re-use of Brill content in dissertations and theses
Brill authors are always allowed to re-use their texts in their own thesis or dissertation. A reference to the Brill publication is required and the text should be typeset anew, as the original Brill layout cannot be used.

Re-use of content extracts of fewer than 400 words
If you wish to reproduce is a single extract of fewer than 400 words, no written permission from Brill is necessary, provided this text does not infringe copyright held by parties other than Brill. It is obliged though, to acknowledge the original publication by Brill, when re-using such texts. The credit line should be placed in close proximity to the re-used text.

Brill authors and editors re-using their own work
If you are the author or editor of a Brill publication and wish to re-use your own work, please click here.