Permission to Re-Use Brill Content



Brill partners with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for a smooth and fast permission clearance when you want to reproduce Brill content in another publication and/or coursepack(s). Just go to the CCC Marketplace and search for the book or journal article that you want to re-use material from. Fill out the required information and follow the prompts to acquire the proper permission.

Please note that there are certain circumstances under which Brill is happy for content to be re-used without permissions being formally sought. You can click here below to find out more.
Permissions Free of Charge

If you are a Brill author or editor, please click here below to find out the different ways you can re-use your work.
Permission to Re-use for Brill Authors and Editors

In a few cases Brill does not hold copyright to the selected content. Please check here below in what cases you have to apply with rights holders other than Brill.
What to Do when Brill does not Hold Copyright

If for any reason your request cannot be completed using CCC Marketplace, you can contact We experience a high volume of emails at this address, so please be patient if it takes us some time to get back to you.