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Our rights team is delighted to partner with publishers throughout the world to bring Brill books to new markets through the licensing of translation rights. If you are interested in acquiring translation rights for a Brill title, we would love to hear from you.

In order to respond quickly to you about the availability of the desired rights, we would be grateful when you can complete the form below. Here you can already specify the title of the publication that you wish to translate, along with the intended list price and print run of your own publication.
Application Form Translation Rights License

If you are interested in acquiring Chinese language rights, please click on the icon below.
Chinese Rights Licensing

Information for Translators

Note that requests to translate individual extracts, chapters or articles would be dealt with as permissions. Please visit our permissions page here.

Please be advised that Brill has incorporated a new Publication Ethics policy in 2019, which emphasizes the obligation for publishing houses to provide faithful and accurate translations of Brill texts. By submitting your application you comply to these Publication Ethics and in the translated edition you shall not abridge, expand or otherwise alter the Brill text without the written consent of Brill.

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