Ferdinand Schöningh, Wilhelm Fink and mentis Ordering FAQ


On 1 January 2017 Brill took over the Germany-based publishing houses Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink. The imprints cover the fields of History, Theology, Literature and Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Philosophy. The catalogue comprises 5,500 books, over 300 new titles per year, as well as 6 journals. In November 2017, Schöningh and Fink acquired mentis, a publishing house that has previously been based in Münster, Germany. The program of mentis mainly focuses on analytic Philosophy and Philology. 

Order Information & Policy


The logistics of print books published under the Schöningh, Fink and mentis imprints will be handled by Brockhaus Commission. For questions about print book orders please visit the web pages below:


As of the 2018 subscription year, the logistics of the journals published under the Schöningh and Fink imprints will be handled by Turpin Distribution. The journals will become available in print as well as online. It concerns the following journals:

If you have any questions that are not covered on this FAQ page, please contact our customer service department at brill@turpin-distribution.com (customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific) or brillna@turpin-distribution.com (customers in the Americas). Order information and full conditions of sale.

Where do I place my order?
You can place your order via the Brill website on the journal page. For institutional customers or agents, please contact Brill via brill@turpin-distribution.com or via brillna@turpin-distribution.com.

How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card and bank transfer. When payment has been received, your subscription will be activated and the issues will be sent upon publication.

When do I receive the invoice?
You can expect the invoice for the next subscription year in October. Conform Brill policy, we require payment in advance. This ensures that you will receive the issues as soon as they are being published.

When does my subscription start and end?
Your subscription, for the whole calendar year, starts on 1 January and ends automatically on 31 December. When you order mid-year, you will receive all issues published for that year.

How do I renew my subscription?
Renewal invoices will be sent automatically, unless a cancellation has been received. If you do not wish to renew your subscription for the following year, please inform us no later than 1 November in the current year. Cancellations during the subscription period are not accepted once fulfillment has started.

How can I cancel my subscription?
When the subscription has started and is paid for it is not possible to cancel the subscription. When the subscription has not yet started it is possible to cancel by sending an e-mail to brill@turpin-distribution.com. You will get a refund less 5% processing costs.

When can I expect my journal issues?
The issues will be sent to you when they are being published in 2018. For an overview of published issues, you can check the overview here.

What do I do when I do not receive an issue or when my issue is damaged?
Please contact us as soon as possible at brill@turpin-distribution.com or at brillna@turpin-distribution.com and specify the name of the journal, issue number and your customer number. If you do not know your customer number, please provide your full name and/or organization’s name and address.

What is included in the subscription rate?
In 2018 you will receive free online access in addition to your print subscription. You can also choose for an e-only subscription. If you want to change your print subscription to online only, please contact us at brill@turpin-distribution.com or at brillna@turpin-distribution.com.

How can I access the online content to the E-Journal?
Brill.com supports IP recognition and access by username and password. In addition, access by Shibboleth is also supported. To access journal content, please visit the journal's web page, or browse for the title in our catalog.

How do I inform you about an address change?
When you have changed addresses, please let us know as soon as possible via an email to brill@turpin-distribution.com or brillna@turpin-distribution.com and specify your name and new address, as well as the name of the journal(s) and your customer number.

Overview of Important Information about Brill Journals