Forthcoming Series: Studies in Peace History


Series Editors: Scott H. Bennett and Michael Clinton

Studies in Peace History promotes new scholarship on peace history and on the movements, groups, people, and actions that have opposed both war and its causes. Conceptually, this series understands peace to include pacifist, antiwar, and antimilitarist positions. Since wars have social, political, economic, cultural, and psychological roots, this series is also concerned with the relationship between peace and social justice movements aimed at reducing the social causes of conflict. Books in this series include historical monographs and biographies; critical and/or annotated editions of letters, diaries, and other primary texts; and edited collections of primary or secondary texts. Studies in Peace History welcomes proposals for English-language manuscripts addressing all periods and regions based on archival research and published primary sources by historians and other scholars. Proposals that combine historical topics and approaches with other disciplinary perspectives and methodologies will be considered.

This series will feature titles that address such core themes in peace history as:

  • peace movements, leaders, activists, organizations, and campaigns
  • antiwar dissent
  • opposition and resistance to specific conflicts
  • conscientious objectors
  • draft resistance
  • disarmament and arms control
  • campaigns against nuclear weapons
  • peace treaties
  • protests within the military
  • remembrance and reconciliation
  • peace education
  • women, gender, and peace
  • cultural expressions and peace
  • peace and environment
  • legal history of peace action
  • transnational connections promoting peace
  • peace and nonviolence
  • links between peace history and nonviolent social justice and reform

Authors are cordially invited to contact the series editors Scott H. Bennett and Michael Clinton to inquire about the process for submitting proposals. Proposals may be submitted to the publisher at Brill, Wendel Scholma. You can find Brill’s guidelines for book proposals here.

ISSN: 2772-9826

Editorial Board


  • Scott H. Bennett, Georgian Court University
  • Michael Clinton, Gwynedd Mercy University

Editorial Board

  • Marc Becker, Truman State University
  • Wendy Chmielewski, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Emerita
  • Sandi Cooper, CUNY at The Graduate School and the College of Staten Island
  • Peter van den Dungen, University of Bradford, Emeritus
  • Matt Meyer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Marian Mollin, Virginia Tech University
  • Susanne Schregel, University of Cologne
  • Lawrence S. Wittner, State University of New York at Albany—SUNY, Emeritus