Submitting a Journal Article Online


For most journals, Brill offers the possibility of submitting articles online via Editorial Manager (EM). Editorial Manager is an online submission and peer review tracking system where authors can submit manuscripts and track their progress. Whether you are an author, editor, or reviewer, you can access EM from anywhere at any time as long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection. Each journal has its own EM page.

More information on using the system as either an author, editor, or reviewer can be found in the dedicated sections below:


First time users of EM need to register first via the ‘Register Now’ link. Once registered, you will receive an email containing your personal access codes. With these access codes you can log into the Editorial Manager website as an author and submit your manuscript for evaluation by the editors. Please make sure to consult the Instructions to Authors for the journal prior to submission to ensure that your submission is formatted correctly.

Submitting a new manuscript through Editorial Manager:

Submitting a revised manuscript through Editorial Manager:

Incomplete submissions in Editorial Manager:

Changing your personal details in Editorial Manager:

Authors - General Manual
Authors - Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions, please contact Brill’s EM support team at (please be sure to provide the name of the journal concerned, and the article number if there is one).

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As editor of a journal, your account information will be provided by Brill. You will also have received a short workflow document detailing how and when you should use the system. When a particular action is required, you will receive a notification email about it.

Using Editorial Manager as an editor (general training film):

Inviting reviewers to review a manuscript:

Keeping track of manuscripts:

Inviting author or book reviewers to submit a manuscript:

Besides handling manuscripts sent on the initiative of the author, as an editor you also have the option to invite authors to submit an article or book review:

Editors - Introduction to Editorial Manager
Editors - General Manual
Editors - Frequently Asked Questions
Editors - Quick Workflow Guide

For any further questions, please contact Brill’s EM support team at

EM Newsletters:

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If the editor of a journal would like to ask you to review a manuscript, you will receive a review request via email. This invitation email will contain a link to the Editorial Manager webpage of the journal as well as your access codes (using the “Reviewer Login”). Communicating your decision as to whether you agree or decline to review to the editor, downloading the PDF file of the manuscript and eventually submitting your review comments can all be done via this website.

Submitting a review through Editorial Manager:

Reviewers- General Manual
Reviewers - Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions, please contact Brill’s EM support team at (please provide the name of the journal concerned as well as a manuscript number or article title).

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