Forthcoming Series: Understanding Rural Education: Critical Studies of Forgotten Places


Series Editor: William M. Reynolds, Georgia Southern University, USA

The major aim of this series is to bring rural education and rural existence back into critical conversations. There is overwhelming attention in scholarly publications in education on urban areas in most cases to the exclusion of rural education. It is crucial that we take a critical look at rural education not only in the United States but internationally to understand the necessity of analyzing the class, race, gender, LGBTQ, issues involved in rural schooling and its environment. Not only rural schooling should be analyzed specifically but its relationship to rural culture and the ways in which media contributes to and forms people’s understandings and views of the rural.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by e-mail to Assistant Editor Evelien van der Veer.

Series cover image is titled Moncure, North Carolina school house k-12 by Frank Bird III.

William M. Reynolds, Ed.D. (1986), University of Rochester, teaches at Georgia Southern University. He has authored, co-edited and co-authored several books, most recently Forgotten Places: Critical Studies in Rural Education (Peter Lang, 2017), Practicing Critical Pedagogy: The Influences of Joe L. Kincheloe (Springer, 2016), Expanding Curriculum Theory: Dis/positions and Lines of Flight 2nd edition (Routledge, 2016) and Critical Studies of Southern Place: A Reader (Peter Lang, 2014). He also serves as editor and co-editor for several book series, among which Critical Media Literacies Series, Critical Understanding in Education and Brill Guides to Scholarship in Education.

ISSN: 2666-2868

Editorial Board:

  • Jon Austin, University of Southern Queensland (honorary member)
  • Jennifer Beech, University of Tennessee- Chattanooga
  • Derek Ford, DePauw University
  • Mark Helmsing, George Mason University
  • Laura Jewett, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Kelsey Dale John, University of Arizona
  • LaGarrett King, University of Missouri
  • Sherell McArthur, University of Georgia
  • Priya Parmar, Brooklyn College
  • Brad Porfilio, California State University-San Jose
  • Ugena Whitlock, Kennesaw State University