Forthcoming Series: Theory Workshop - New Frontiers in Social and Political Theory


Series Editors: Filipe Carreira da Silva, University of Lisbon and Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, and Mónica Brito Vieira, University of York

The Theory Workshop: New Frontiers in Social and Political Theory book series is resolutely interdisciplinary: It aims to publish work that interweaves social and political theory. The term “workshop” in the series name refers to the experimental quality of the work to be published. We welcome studies that explore new approaches and novel cross-fertilizations between historical understanding and critical engagement with the present, between genealogy and ideological-critique, and between Anglo-American and Continental thought (and between these and thought in the Global South), in the examination of enduring questions and emergent topics.

Manuscripts should be at least 80,000 words in length (including footnotes and bibliography). Manuscripts may also include illustrations and other visual material. The editors welcome proposals for monographs written for academics and researchers in the field that are based on original scholarly research that makes a notable contribution to the subject. The series editors will also consider proposals for edited volumes that demonstrate strong thematic coherence and continuity among the contributions.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to Assistant Editor Jennifer Obdam.

Authors will find general proposal guidelines at the Brill Author Gateway.

ISSN: 2590-1869

Editorial Board

  • Benjamín Arditi, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • Said Arjomand, State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • Patrick Baert, University of Cambridge
  • Peter Beilharz, Curtin University
  • Duncan Bell, University of Cambridge
  • Gurminder Bhambra, University of Sussex
  • Marta Bucholc, University of Bonn
  • Robin Celikates, University of Amsterdam
  • José Maurício Domingues, State University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Roberto Frega, CEMS Paris
  • Axel Gosseries, University of Louvain
  • Paul Joosse, University of Hong Kong
  • Wolfgang Knobl, Hamburg Institute for Social Research
  • Patchen Markell, Cornell University
  • Mihaela Mihai, University of Edinburgh
  • Marcus Morgan, University of Bristol
  • Véronique Mottier, University of Cambridge
  • Sofia Näsström, Uppsala University
  • Daniel Silver, University of Toronto
  • Marta Soler Gallart, University of Barcelona
  • Rob Stones, Western Sydney University
  • Mathias Thaler, University of Edinburgh
  • Frederic Vandenberghe, State University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Miguel Vatter, Flinders University