Forthcoming Series: Yearbook of International Disaster Law


Edited by Giulio Bartolini, Roma Tre University, Dug Cubie, University College Cork, Marlies Hesselman, University of Groningen, and Jacqueline Peel, Melbourne Law School

The aim of the Yearbook of International Disaster Law is to foster the interest of academics and practitioners on legal and institutional issues relevant to all forms of natural, technological/human-made disasters, including rapid and slow onset events, but excluding armed conflicts or political/financial crises per se. The Yearbook will primarily address the international law dimension of relevant topics, alongside important regional and national dimensions relevant for the further development of legal and policy initiatives. The planned Yearbook fills a current gap in international journals as there is no a specific hub devoted to this area of law notwithstanding the increasing academic interest towards such issues.

readership: Aimed at academics, practitioners and students as well as humanitarian actors and policy-makers operating in the area of disaster management and humanitarian action in case of disasters.

ISSN: 2590-0846

About the Editors

  • Giulio Bartolini, Department of Law, Roma Tre University. Associate professor of international law, responsible of the Jean Monnet Module “International and European Disaster Law” and Director of courses on “International Disaster Law” in cooperation with the IFRC and the Sanremo International Institute of Humanitarian Law.
  • Dr. Dug Cubie, School of Law, University College Cork. Building on over 10 years’ practice in humanitarian action, Dug has written widely on disaster law, climate migration and the law of humanitarian assistance (The International Legal Protection of Persons in Humanitarian Crises, Hart, 2017).
  • Marlies Hesselman, LL.M./Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Law, Department of Transboundary Legal Studies, University of Groningen is a lecturer in international law with a wide publication record in the area of international human rights law, disaster management, climate change and essential public services access.
  • Jacqueline Peel, LL.M. (2000), New York University, Ph.D. (2007), University of Melbourne, is Professor at the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne and Associate Dean of the Melbourne Law Masters. She has published several monographs and many articles on issues of international environmental law and climate law, including The Role of International Environmental Law in Disaster Risk Reduction, co-edited with David Fisher (Brill/Nijhoff, 2016).