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East Asian and Global Perspectives
Mining, Monies, and Culture in Early Modern Societies explores substantial and methodological issues in the early modern history of mining for monetary metals and monies of Japan, China, and Europe. The largest group in the thirteen articles presents empirical research on mining, metallurgy, and metals trade in the context of global trade systems. Another group focuses on the effects of money in government and everyday life. Several articles investigate scroll paintings and material remains as sources for the history of technology, or apply Geographic Information Systems to the analysis of spatial dimensions of mining areas.
Wilhelmine Imperialism, Overseas Resistance, and German Political Catholicism, 1897–1906
In Big Swords, Jesuits, and Bondelswarts, John S. Lowry demonstrates that anti-imperialist resistance movements overseas significantly shaped the course of Wilhelmine domestic politics between 1897 and 1906. In 1898 and 1900, for example, the consequences of Chinese, Cuban, and Samoan resistance permitted Berlin to steer two large naval laws through the Reichstag by enabling the government to garner critical votes from the Catholic Center Party through pro-Catholic gestures overseas, rather than via repeal of the Anti-Jesuit Law at home. By contrast, after 1903 costly uprisings throughout German-occupied Africa generated acute fiscal concerns among Center Party delegates, and African civilian protests against colonial misrule aroused missionary and Centrist ire. Lowry emphasizes that the ensuing Reichstag dissolution of 1906 arose much more directly from African factors than previous scholarship has recognized.

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occasionally touches on the Chinese migrant communities in the other countries of eastern and central Europe where the Chinese migrant communities have been changing rapidly over the past decade. My recent fieldwork conducted in various new Chinese migrant com- munities in Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and parts of

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, notably in the 11th arrondissement , Le Sentier and the wholesale hub of Aubervilliers. This has also taken place in Central European countries (such as Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania) and in Africa (in places like Casablanca, Dakar, Johannesburg etc.). China, the “workshop of the world,” thus also

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and Ivan Szelenyi, Eleanor Townsley, Making Capitalism Without Capitalists: Class Formation and Elite Struggles in Post-Communist Central Europe , Verso, 1998. 29 Eyal, Gil and Ivan Szelenyi, Eleanor Townsley, Making Capitalism Without Capitalists , p. 16. 18 William Rowe , “The Problem

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Contravene a Treaty.” Wickberg, Edgar. 1997. “Anti-Sinicism and Chinese Identity Options in the Philippines.” In Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe. Daniel Chirot and Anthony Reid, eds. Seattle: University of Washington Press. . 2006

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