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journal, Revue project . 15 A special moment for ceras was the 2014 international conference, “Quelle Justice Sociale à l’Heure de la Transition Énergétique?” (Which social justice at the time of energy transition?), an occasion that gathered more than one hundred people to discuss the technical

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

1 Introduction 3.500.000.000.000 usd . That is the amount needed on an annual basis until 1 the year 2050 to ensure that low-carbon energy supply will meet energy demand in that year according to the International Energy Agency. 2 Financing and deploying renewable energy sources ( res

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sun) in Palamite theology. As an analogy meant to clarify the distinction between the divine essence and energies, as well as between the energies themselves, this theme touches upon the central issues of the Palamite controversy. Summary of the Rule of Theology Kabasilas begins

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valley and that is stored in the lava of active or dormant volcanoes, however, is only just beginning to be tapped as a source of green geothermal energy by companies in the region, such as Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen). This energy source, almost unlimited in supply, holds immense

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

It has been proved that mangroves provide a great barrier against the impact of natural disasters, especially that of the tsunami in December 2004. Villages located in mangrove areas reported no major damage. It is apparent that, if the villagers live in harmony with nature, the mangroves protect them in return.

In: Manusya: Journal of Humanities

increases energy intake, pursuing and subduing large prey requires more energy and therefore results in an increase in energy expenditure. Consequently, carnivores have developed several behavioural and ecological strategies to optimise energy intake and expenditure (Carbone et al., 2007). African wild dogs

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1 Introduction 1 We argue that megachurches create and optimise total environments, which answer the desires of the human heart and generate an emotional energy that is both powerful and satisfying. By total environment, we mean a context that provides megachurch attendees with sufficient

In: Handbook of Megachurches

plants—a kind of biogas and a renewable resource—that can provide an alternative-energy solution for cooking. He concurrently conducts environmental awareness programs and courses for the village leaders. Gujarat Province The Gujarat province was established in 1956, after having been officially

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

to interdenominational pamphlet wars, and, like Persons, professed to desire a future when Christians would focus their energies on cultivation of the inner spiritual life. As already noted, however, the irenic dispositions of these writers were counterbalanced by both polemical pressures of the day

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

no faraway, dusty past, but a lively source of inspiration and energy revealing the regime’s modernist, revolutionary ambition to build a ‘Third Rome’ which, literally and figuratively, made visible the earlier layers of Roman heritage. It is to be hoped that such consciousness, present in the work

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