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those seeking to understand how Malaysian museums and memorials serve hegemonic power, and to see that there can be cracks in that edifice where more pluralistic voices and views have begun to emerge. References Mitchell, Don (1996). The Lie of the Land. Migrant workers and the California

analysis is more complex as Cuban counterrevolutionaries sought to use U.S. hegemonic power to reclaim their own control over the island. However, the book’s overall analysis is both questionable and inadequately sustained by the evidence it presents. This weakness is most glaring in the two chapters on

In: New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids

the speeches of Chávez) with whom he sets up an alignment and also calls on public memory. Reyes then moves on to provide a justification of the data from which his analysis is derived. Contextualizing his data, Reyes explains the role of the United States as a global hegemonic power. Readers can

In: New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids

Italian people, who allowed themselves to be persuaded that acquiescence to the hegemonic power of the church was a price worth paying for the avoidance of religious war; a conclusion that was shared, incidentally, by Croce. Prosperi’s argument is expressed in the full title to his opus magnum: Tribunali

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

feels it is important to underline “the subjective nature of making value judgments of particular forms of sexuality […] Any aesthetic distinction is based on subjective views yet acquires hegemonic power in a given context” (p. 33). Symbolic subversion becomes about resistance to the effects of

fight against the hegemonic power of the West, especially the United States. Under this rationale, the authors invite all Muslims to start using the internet for dakwah . A sizeable part of the book is devoted to basic technical know-how needed to create online profiles and manage online dakwah content

, 2015) postulates a longer-term ‘tournament model’ of competing European small-scale territories in the absence of any hegemonic power. The novelty cannot be found in the formula itself, but in the systemic, and finally mathematical form given to it. See Martin Van Creveld, The Rise and Decline of the

In: Prince, Pen, and Sword: Eurasian Perspectives

Burningham and Thrush, 2001; Ellis, 2004; Dixon 2010 ). Central to these approaches is an emphasis on the counter-hegemonic power of urban mobilisations against corporate market rule, especially since the Occupy and 15-M movements diffused into many of the urban strongholds of neo-liberalism. However, much

In: Development as a Battlefield

, unconscious of its social reality. The subordinate gradually self-subordinates and rationalises that its complicity in perpetuating hegemonic leadership is sensible. Capitalism produces social apparatuses that organically demand a stabilising hegemonic power to regulate distribution of economic and cultural

In: The Chinese Journal of Global Governance

is, of course, an over-simplification; even at the most tense moments of conflict between these empires of faith, the Mediterranean continued to act as a conduit and network of communication. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the Mediterranean region was no longer united under a single hegemonic

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