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Daniel Moeckli and Raffael N. Fasel

transparency is only problematic if the Security Council and/or its individual members are subject to legal limits at all and if there are ways of reviewing compliance with these legal limits. This Section shows that such legal limits and means of review indeed exist. The Security Council’s actions must comply

James Pattison

international responsibility to protect threatened populations. Thus, duty of conduct/responsibility to try requires, as far as possible, effective response. What exactly this response should be will, of course, depend on the context and will be subject to various feasibility constraints. Some crises will

Catherine M Brölmann, Richard Collins, Sufyan Droubi and Ramses A Wessel

article 56 of the 1969 Vienna Convention in the Law of Treaties : (1) A treaty which contains no provision regarding its termination and which does not provide for denunciation or withdrawal is not subject to denunciation or withdrawal unless: a. It is established that the parties intended to admit the

William Thomas Worster

subject to these considerations. The cjeu has held in Kaur and Rottman that the acquisition and loss of nationality present significantly different situations. 74 For example, whether or not an individual has a real connection to the member state (and Union) in the sense of Nottebohm 75

Andres Sarmiento Lamus and Walter Arévalo Ramírez

justice. This conclusion is based on both the Court’s case law on non-appearance and the existing academic literature on the role and function of judges ad hoc . Consequently, and given the scarcity of cases in which this situation has occurred, this conclusion is subject to be revisited in the future

Paul van der Heijden

Resolution mentioned above. That would really be a clear and remarkable signal to celebrate its centenary anniversary. 2.2 Success Story There are of course also positive developments to report. In relation to the subject of fundamental labour rights, the ILO has certainly been very successful

Reflections on Jaloud v. the Netherlands

Jurisdictional Consequences and Resonance in Dutch Society

Friederycke Haijer and Cedric Ryngaert

by what the pps determined was their legal and moral authority. This was reflected in the case of Jaloud, in which the armed forces of the Netherlands were subject to a duty to respect the laws of Iraq and could not intervene in its internal affairs. 46 This duty was in fact experienced as a

The BRICS and the Future of R2P

Was Syria or Libya the Exception?

Oliver Stuenkel

claims made about rising powers and the future of R2P. Finally, considering the evidence gathered, the article seeks to assess how emerging powers’ positions on R2P will influence the global debate about the subject, and whether the BRICS’ voting behaviour vis-à-vis Libya or Syria was more representative

Abu Bakarr Bah

has featured prominently in the peace and conflict literature are liberation and separatist movements. Such groups have increased in prominence to the point that their claims and relations to states is the subject of significant debates in international law. Benedict Kingsbury identified three general