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1 Introduction 1 United Nations (UN) targeted sanctions have often been viewed as a paradox. While they are important tools for the protection of global peace and security, they have also been found to infringe certain human rights. The UN Security Council ( unsc ) enjoys powers under Chapter

In: Security and Human Rights

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called upon member states to “consider enacting legal instruments enabling their government to impose targeted sanctions on individuals reasonably believed to be personally responsible for serious human rights violations for which they enjoy impunity on political

In: Security and Human Rights

Committee have a direct impact on the conduct of thousands of businesses around the world on a daily basis.” 52 Also committees that administer so-called targeted sanctions, that is, sanctions that are directed against individuals and specific groups rather than states, exhibit a lack of

In: International Organizations Law Review

sequentially. For instance, the most desirable way of addressing an ongoing genocide may be to name and shame the offending state, to launch targeted sanctions on its leaders (e.g. travel bans), and to commence international criminal prosecutions (e.g. by a referral to the International Criminal Court ( icc

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contemplated by the declaration, then the OAU was charged with taking certain actions, ranging from the initial condemnation of the change and an urging to restore constitutional government, a six-month suspension from the policy organs of the OAU coupled with other potential sanctions, and additional targeted

In: African Journal of Legal Studies

, ‘UN Targeted Sanctions, Legal Safeguards and the European Convention on Human Rights’ in Nordic Journal of International Law , 2003, vol. 72 (2), pp. 159–214. 51 Specifically, the text of Res. 1373 reads as such: ‘Prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts; freeze (…) funds (…) of persons

In: Security and Human Rights

from the jurisdiction of the Court, the referral of the situation in Libya also contained several targeted sanctions against Colonel Gaddafi, his family members and members of his regime, thus pointing out that these were suspects who committed the alleged crimes against humanity raised in the preamble

In: UN Security Council Referrals to the International Criminal Court

of powers in foreign affairs, the Swiss Federal Tribunal frequently defers to the fdfa , eg in cases pertaining to privileges and immunities or targeted sanctions. 660 The Swiss Federal Tribunal also acknowledges the powers of the Department over specific issues, for instance as regards visa

In: Domestic Courts and the Interpretation of International Law