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Tjimahi he expressed to me his wish to drop his commercial career after the war, despite his excellent prospects, and to pursue his academie ambitions. With enormous energy Benda realized his plan. In New Zealand he obtained a teachers' training college scholarship, and as a school- teacher he was able to

fulfill the requirements of a tertiary qualification, and this frees Sumardjo to use abstract insights with greater bravura than do the other two authors consid- ered here. And co, the book bristles with the energy of Sumardjo's attack on the potential of the pantun. The most significant of the conceptual

whole. She was endowed with admirable intellectual energy and enthusiasm, which helped her overcome some serious health problems and, especially during the last ten years of her life, some difficult situations within the faculty where she taught. After a few early articles, her scholarly career started

, which are powered by solar energy. 16 The open-source data centres, solar panels, and relevant ICT infrastructure were set up in several steps throughout 2016. The data centres are meant to assist with indigenous knowledge management as well as making information about Kasepuhan Ciptagelar accessible

(puppets), life (screen), sun or energy (lamp) and the bomoh {dalang). To be able to control and inani- pulate the puppets in a wayang performance is analogous to having a knowledge • of life and people. 1 6 Michael G. Swift, Malay Peasant Society in Jelebu, London, 1965, p. 165. 2 2 6 MOHD. TAIB BIN OSMAN

the land {tand), with circular fields divided into commu- nally owned ritual centres and wedge-shaped, patrilineally inherited gar- dens. The land is significant as a source of food but, particularly in the origin village, also has a protective 'energy' (ghas) connected with ancestral and other

a special offering is made: a piglet, a puppy, and a chick are buried alive to provide a reservoir of energy. The ngadhu needs regular offerings of rice, meat, palm gin, and blood, and on all major ritual occasions animals (chick- ens, pigs, and water buffaloes) are sacrificed at the pole. The most

subjeut he was actually appointed lto ,teach he gave lessons in Indonesian, Modern Javanese and Balinese to a few interested persons. O n what few students he had he spent much of his time and energy, taking a strong, sometimes dmost paternal, interest in their work and heir personal circumstances. O n

for their energies (p. 29, 31, 246). We have given some attention to the book's description and analysis of Perak considered diachronically and synchronically. To conclude, a few words on what it can offer to structural and comparative studies of western Indonesian states. On the position of the ruler

replica of the ideal image in the form of a work of belles lettres, which is pervaded by the energy of the Absolute. As for the perception (reading) of literature, he finds that the three tradi- Book reviews 375 tions of literary scholarship agree in viewing its agentive phase as the ascen- sion of the