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distantly, for § 14, see Śuka § 16 (verse 5): jīvan mr̥taḥ kas tu? nirudyamo yaḥ . Tibetan understands here “lack of energy directed toward the truth.” 60 10.7 kasmād bhayam iha maraṇād andhād api ko viśiṣyate rāgī | kaḥ śūro yo lalanā- locanabāṇair na vivyathitaḥ || 7 || andhād api, (C), D, F, H, K, L1, L

In: Indo-Iranian Journal

energy were no more than causes, bases, prerequisites of unexcelled, Supreme, Perfect Awakening” (trans. Tatelman). 30 The author of the Sudhana-play was at home with classical Indian dramatic literature. His work presupposes several centuries of development and maturation, and although it is not

In: Indo-Iranian Journal