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—how proportionality ought to be tested and compared the converging approaches by the cjeu and the ECtHR in this respect. In Egenberger , a religious organization specified that a successful candidate for drafting a UN report had to be a member of the protestant church. Vickers argues that the decision may mark the

Nathan B. Oman

Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber argued that the Reformation fostered a peculiar ethic of materialized asceticism, in which the accumulation of wealth was prized as evidence of God’s grace, but its consumption was strongly discouraged as undisciplined licentiousness. 37 The

Esther Erlings

-recognized social utility of religions, and on occasion their moral superiority. Various Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim organizations, as well as the Chief Rabbi of France, Haïm Korsia, advance this new version. Open laïcité considers freedom of religion to form the core of freedom of conscience, potentially

Marc de Wilde

opportunities, an important reason for their settlement in the Low Countries appears to have been its relatively tolerant religious climate. In previous years, persecution of Dutch protestants by the Spanish Inquisition had caused the Dutch provinces to revolt against their ruler, king Philip II of Spain. In

Nicholas Aroney

other. 42 William Tyndale, like many protestant reformers, objected to the use of state power to inquire into private beliefs and thoughts in this way. He argued that judgement ought to proceed only on the basis of evidence sworn by witnesses, and should not presume to inquire into men


Claudia Baez Camargo and Lucy Koechlin

) providers of health services, and c) managers of health facilities. A total of 18 FGD s were conducted. The local researchers are Prof. Tharcisse Gatwa and Mr Abel Dufitumukiza of the Protestant University of Rwanda, Dr Richard Sambaiga and Mr Egidius Kamanyi of the University of Dar es Salaam, Prof. Paul

Maurits S. Berger

modalities, religious communities in Western societies have maintained their institutional and legal infrastructure, parallel to that of the state, and are mostly allowed to do so as part of their freedom of religion. 48 Consequently, in most Western countries, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish

Joseph Eliot Magnet

Religious observance is high in all groups: 50% of Eritrea’s population of 3.6 million is Sunni Muslim; 30% is Orthodox Christian; 13% is Roman Catholic, 2% practice traditional indigenous religions, with the remainder a mix of Protestants, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhist, Hindus and

Reexamining Secularism

The Ayodhya Dispute and the Equal Treatment of Religions

Geetanjali Srikantan

. 106 See Geoffery Oddie, Imagined Hinduism: British Protestant Missionary Constructions of Hinduism, 1793–1900 (Sage Publications, 2006). See also Richard King, n. 31. 107 For more details on the conditions that underlie the legal category of the place of worship that includes dedication, God

Frederick Mark Gedicks

objectivity and independence are lost when humanity investigates itself. 84 The human sciences borrowed a metaphor from Protestant hermeneutics to describe their methodological dilemma. The meaning of any particular biblical text is constituted in large part by its place within the biblical text as a