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are included. Deibert’s story is a personal one, characterized by a search for reconciliation and healing. After a long quest he finds these in the writings of A.H. Almaar, the founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a contemporary teaching method that developed within the context of both

narratives of 1965 can appear through silence. 4 Revisiting Memories of the 1965 Violence More than 50 years have passed since the tragedies of 1965. In Indonesia, the movement towards justice and reconciliation is facing many challenges. Yet, memorialization initiatives have gradually become more inclusive

narratives. For others, it may mean engaging in grass-roots campaigns for justice or reconciliation, or in creating works of art, literature, and music that disrupt or question political and social conventions. For others still, it will mean telling their story to relatives and friends, thereby keeping alive

Adonara (Barnes 1974:9). So revered were elephant tusks that any transaction involving these objects was marked by some form of commemorative feasting. One particular case was the reconciliation of two feuding families in 1986, which was solemnized by the joining of their surnames and the exchange of

those who have been forced into exile because of the ISA, such a move being the first step towards national reconciliation and healing for all parties’. 7 The blog is the first in Singapore to be dedicated to a single political and historical event which offers the potential of attracting a broad range

pesantren in collaboration with the Desantara Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Jakarta, in which one of the programmes is the cultural reconciliation between pesantren community and local culture. He brought local performance groups to the seminar to promote the discourse that ‘Islam is

enumeration of Bakker’s activities as an indefatigable proponent of reconciliation. Boeijen, J.D. van, Zij werden geroepen: Het Indiëmonument in Andelst: De zes militairen uit de voormalige gemeente Valburg die niet terugkeerden uit Nederlands-Indië . Helmond: Van Boeijen, 2018, 463 pp. ISBN : 9789081392907

. Hooykaas have extended the meaning to "make and end to all of thenï so that none r e m a i n " 7 7 ) . Sir Richard Winstedt on the otherhand believes that the whole passage should read: "You must get rid of all the Dutch and the Resident making a complete job of it" 7 8 ) . Unfortunately any reconciliation

non-Muslims from political office—which Rizieq said was not discrimination, but simply ‘an order by my God’. Observers such as Fealy directly witnessed this performative reconciliation between politically exclusivist attitudes and self-assumed religio-cultural tolerance among the December protesters

not so sure, but agreed it would be best if the people involved were moved further inland from the border. It was also agreed that at an appropriate time a reconciliation feast based on adat (customary law; known in Tetun as lisan ) should be held. 16 More important was the recognition that