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Alaí Reyes-Santos

migrants, they have not been forced to migrate, they are nevertheless faced with the prospects of chronic poverty—limited or no access to water, electricity, education, food, health care, or a living wage—without much hope for a better future in the Dominican Republic. “Choosing between chronic poverty and

Karla Armbruster

the narrator tells us “is, usually, impassable—not even imaginable” (p. 15). That border is, of course, the boundary between the world of humans and the world of the dogs. Hornung brings the latter to life masterfully, using a third-person narrator who gives us Romochka’s point of view as he

Daniel Cosacchi

Translated by Robert R. Barr, J. Matthew Ashley, and Margaret Wilde. Maryknoll, ny : Orbis Books, 2016. Pp. xi + 243. Pb, $24. This is a most versatile book. In one sense, it is incredibly informative, since the author of the text, Jon Sobrino, S.J., is among the most significant living

Holly Ackerman

they were detained in a state of uncertainty for nine months before a clear resolution of their situation was announced. The book provides a nice balance between historical context and oral testimony on each of these points. Readers will come away with a clear sense of daily life in the camps and the

A Time of Normalcy

Javanese ‘Coolies’ Remember the Colonial Estate

Nicole Lamb

article derive from a larger collection of oral history interviews recorded in 2010 with former Javanese estate workers in Kayu Aro. In 2010, I spent nine months living on the tea estate and recording the life narratives of two generations of elderly villagers, their stories collectively encapsulating the

Komalsingh Rambaree and Stefan Sjöberg

Introduction Work is a source not only of wealth, but also of health. Workplaces are one of the most important determinants of health (Masanotti & Briziarelli, 2010). Within this context, several employers (such as the University of Gävle) have made a commitment to health-promoting work-life. Work-life

Automatic Subjects

Gendered Labour and Abstract Life

Kevin Floyd

Antonio Negri is a key touchstone for Thacker’s argument; and as my use of the term potenza above is intended to suggest, these recalibrated relations between ‘living labour’ and ‘life itself’ converge with the depiction of labour in autonomist Marxism in ways that are sometimes implicit, sometimes

Adriaan S. Van Klinken

suffers a violent attack. The incident makes him realize that he is living a dangerous life. In retrospect, he considers his former life dangerous because of two reasons. First is the high susceptibility to violence and other dangers. Here Robert also points at the risk of HIV infection: ‘My involvement

Gao Shan

does not follow any plan and standards to be creative. Also Dao is not motivated by any desire to create all kinds of life. The creative power in Qi or Dao is self-producing. Eugene Hargrove expresses a similar view on the aesthetic appreciation of creativity in nature. He says, The beauty of nature

Philip Endean

opened up, and in one sense radicalizing his procedures. But they are also selling Rahner’s achievement short. Kolozs’s work is a biographical treatment of the whole of Rahner’s life, one that a German-speaking broader public will find helpful if they can overcome the austerely academic typography. The