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Francis Kariuki and Raphael Ng’etich

the Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law System of Kenya (n 4) 102. 28 Republic of Kenya, Report of the Commission of inquiry into the Illegal/Irregular Allocation of Public Land (n 17) 8. 29 Pauline Makutsa, ‘Land Grab in Kenya: Implications for Small-holder Farmers’ (East Africa Farmers

Demelash Shiferaw Reta

Introduction Ethiopia is a developing East African country comprising various ethnic, cultural and religious groups. It is Africa’s second largest populated country with more than 80% of its approximate 100 million people living in rural areas relying on agriculture. The imperative of respect

Pamela R. Willoughby, Katie M. Biittner, Pastory M. Bushozi and Jennifer M. Miller

formation of Tanganyika and German colonial rule in East Africa is provided to establish the broader colonial context of Mlambalasi and of the actions and characterization of Chief Mkwawa. The results of our analysis of the bullet casing are presented and its connection to Mkwawa is discussed. Focusing on

Charles G. Thomas and Roy Doron

’s work on the Baganda and East Africa more broadly. 22 In addition, there has recently been an expansion in the understanding of the role of gender within the context of political violence, military service, and warfare in Africa. While some of these works take a more individual approach, such as

“I am African, iko nini

Generational Conflict and the Politics of Being in Nairobi

Rachel Spronk

. Most of the work on generational conflict in Africa focuses on impoverished groups of young people, or youth (cf. Cole 2011). For example, a collection on intergenerational conflict in East Africa focuses on socio-economic changes and challenges. The articles describe the discontent of elders with the

Sylvie Bredeloup

French-speaking African traders increasingly master English (Bodomo 2010 ). They already have visitors from East Africa and should be able to attract an English-speaking clientele, provided they invest in highly specialized markets such as veterinarian products. Belonging to the former category, Mr. D

Gillian Creese

Community Profiles 2006 Census). Two-thirds of those who arrived in the decade prior to 2006 were from southern (34%) and east Africa (33%) (Masinda and Kambere 2008 : 30). Less than 1% of the population (or just over 20,000 people) identified as Black in the 2006 Census in response to the question about

Adams Bodomo and Enyu Ma

have a preponderance of West African restaurants and just one East African restaurant. All of these restaurants are places for cooking and serving predominantly popular West African dishes like jollof rice, fried rice and stew, egwusi soup with fufu, ogbono, waakye, banku, rice balls, eba, bitter leaf

Zhigang Li, Michal Lyons and Alison Brown

informant said, ‘I sell everything.’ The goods are eventually retailed throughout entire sub-Saharan Africa (although goods retailed in East Africa are more likely to have been sourced in the Gulf). Some even sell to suppliers or retailers in European countries such as Spain and Italy. Figure 2: The

Thomas Winfield Higgins

political organization, was released by the CMS to accompany Jomo Kenyatta to Britain to give evidence before the Hilton Young Commission in 1928. He went primarily to testify about the dangers of an East African Federation, but was instructed by the Association to also further his education and it was in