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TV or Not TV

Spelling the Indonesian Media with Veven Sp. Wardhana

Edwin Jurriëns

will demonstrate the similarities and differences between his work and the initiatives of the Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia ( KPI , Indonesian Broadcasting Commission), the main institution for monitoring the broadcast media in Indonesia, and the broader Indonesian media watch and media literacy movement

Liz Jackson

reflect broader ideas in society about the clash of civilizations, and about the values and implications of nationalism, globalization, and localism. The article then discusses common ways of responding to media in education in light of media’s impact. In the final section, critical media literacy

An Introduction

Can Critical Media Literacy Save Us?


Christian Z. Goering and P. L. Thomas

misinformation campaigns. While media literacy and critical media literacy are ideas we’ve both interacted with leading up to this point, including using activities in teaching K-12 students and in methods of teaching courses we’ve taught at our respective universities, the need for increased attention to these

An Educator’s Primer

Fake News, Post-Truth, and a Critical Free Press


P. L. Thomas

, with fake news and post-truth public discourse. In this volume committed to investigating and interrogating fake news and post-truth discourse in the context of curriculum and instruction grounded in critical media literacy goals, below we offer the foundational opportunity for educators to consider


Liv Ingeborg Lied

likely that the entire package, not only individual digital images, may shape the way that we imagine manuscripts, how we conceptualize editorial practices and our involvement in them, and what we expect from a critical edition. 4 New Perspectives, New Studies, New Media Literacies It is time now to

Zheng Zhang

assignments reflected students’ manoeuvre of multiple modes and media and the school’s focus on multimodal and new media literacies. However, it is worth noting that the majority of Kelly’s literacy practices in Ms. Tyler’s class centered around pen to paper meaning-making due to the mediation of the

Costas M. Constantinou

possible through a different montage of camera shots. Needless to say, it is not an attempt to examine all the ramifications or explain all the workings of visual diplomacy. It is primarily a pedagogical tool enhancing visual media literacy among students and practitioners of diplomacy. It is also a

Mona Abdel-Fadil

person’s worldview and personal taste in humour. One’s level of media literacy and the measures one takes to check sources will also play a role. That said, for a number of conservative Christians, the psm prohibition of religious symbols in news bulletins may be equally outrageous and unbelievable to

The Future of Teaching in 500 Words or More

The Confucian Perspective of Education on “Self-Cultivation”

” develop so rapidly. On one hand, this situation has been decentralizing the teacher’s role of moral education, on the other hand, it requires also teachers must have powerful media literacy to effectively fulfill the responsibility of moral educators. In addition, because of China’s family planning policy

Ke Lin

, international organisations and ngo s, global issues, media and media literacy, political literacy, oracy and communication, citizenship in Schools, participation, identity and diversity, citizenship and antiracism, teaching controversial issues, Every Child Matters and children’s well-being, pshee in