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Fascist Ideologues. Past and Present

Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies Teesside University, 4-5 July 2013

Nigel Copsey

: the Greater Germanic ideology and propaganda during WWII and its revival in the present’ Aristotle Kallis (Lancaster) – ‘Eugenio Coselschi and Giuseppe Bottai: Perspectives on Fascist internationalism and universality’ Andrea Mammone (Royal Holloway, London) – ‘Pan-European fascists: Maurice


Edited by Daniëlle Slootjes and Harm Kaal

New Perspectives on Power and Political Representation from Ancient History to the Present Day offers a unique perspective on political communication between rulers and ruled from antiquity to the present day by putting the concept of representation center stage. It explores the dynamic relationship between elites and the people as it was shaped by constructions of self-representation and representative claims. The contributors to this volume – specialists in ancient, medieval, early-modern and modern history – move away from reductionist associations of political representation with formal aspects of modern, democratic, electoral, and parliamentarian politics. Instead, they contend that the construction of political representation involves a set of discourses, practices, and mechanisms that, although they have been applied and appropriated in various ways in a range of historical contexts, has stood the test of time.

Raymond Laird

John Chrysostom’s worldview is neatly summed up in his comments on verse 1 of Psalm 120:
 …if we are not possessed by the love of the heavenly things and the desire of the Jerusalem above, but ever remain attached to the present life, wallowing in the mire of earthly concerns, we shall never

Silvia Luraghi

Journal of Greek Linguistics 11 (2011) 109–116 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI 10.1163/156658411X563694 Book Review Pietro Bortone, Greek Prepositions. From Antiquity to the Present. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2010 p. xvi + 345. Th is book is a partly updated version

Wanna Saengaramruang

This paper aims firstly to give an overview of the development of German language, teaching in Thailand at both high-school and, university levels from the past up to the, present time, since German has been taught, in Thailand for more than 80 years and its development has not been studied and documented systematically or continuously. The survey and analysis of German teaching, in Thailand in this paper deal with history, teaching approaches, curricula, the development of teaching materials, the number of German language teachers, students, and schools, the attitudes of German language teachers, the expectations of and attitudes towards German teaching among high-school students, and an analysis of the decreasing number of German language teachers and students. Furthermore, this paper also showcases other research works, support organizations, and activities for German language teaching in Thailand.

John W. O’Malley

he saw between the original sources and the reality he experienced in the present. The book was a landmark, the first step in North America in what we can call the renaissance of Jesuit studies that we are experiencing today. Even more important and of more lasting import was his translation into

Amalava Bhattacharyya and Santosh K. Shah

A large number of tree species, especially of conifers growing in the Himalaya and a few broad-leaved taxa in the peninsular region, have been dendrochronologically analyzed in India. This paper is a review providing information as regards the present status and future prospects of tree-ring research in India. Many trees are recorded to have datable tree rings but only some of them have been used for climate reconstruction and other aspects, e.g., glacial fluctuation or palaeo-seismic dating. In future not only ring width which is widely used so far, but also other tree-ring parameters need to be analyzed for a better understanding of the regional climate and its linkage with other climatic phenomena in a global perspective.

Julispong Chularatana

This article aims at studying and analyzing the status and development of the Shi’ite Muslim minority in Thailand from the 16th century to the present day. The Shi’ite Muslims in Thailand developed and are informally separated into two groups. The original ones call themselves Chao Sen, which means Imam Hussein’s followers, and are descended from Indo-Iranian Shi’ite Muslim ancestors who came from Iran and the Shi’ite States of India during the early 16th century. The others, who are called by the original group Chi A Mai, which means new Shi’ites, converted from other beliefs to Shi’ism under the influence of the Shi’a revival after the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

Stephan Palmié and Elizabeth Pérez

Focusses on the Abukuá associations, Afro-Cuban male initiatory secret societies, as such originated in Regla, Havana in 1836. Authors describe how Abakuá titleholders gained powerful social and labour positions in the Havana area, and how they were eventually outlawed in 1876. They point out how Abakuá societies by and since then were designated as negative and criminal in the public sphere, and condemned by many writers and politicians. They show how published accounts of Abakuá since the late 19th c and early 20th c. were thus seldom merely descriptive, but were presented as proof of Cuba's lagging modernity, and of a for some undesired Africanization. They further relate how Fernando Ortiz's studies and work on Abakuá fit in this. They note how Ortiz' s earlier "criminal anthropology" work on Abakuá was in the same negative and criminalizing vein, yet they point at changes, as in time he described and evaluated Abakuá as more positive, and as part of Cuban culture. They describe how Ortiz dedicated much effort to studying different aspects of Abakuá, and that extensive notations on these became part of his archive, which, as he told fellow-scholars, he would work out in an eventual monograph on Abakuá. The authors deplore that this monograph was not only never published, but also seems to have been lost.

Henry Spiller

Julia Byl, Antiphonal Histories. Resonant Pasts in the Toba Batak Musical Present . Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 2014, viii + 316 pp. ISBN 9780819574787, price: USD  85.00 (hardback); 9780819574794, 29.95 (paperback); 9780819574800, 23.99 (e-book). By the end of