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Manuel Mireanu

of the country’s population. As such, it is a logic of security, one that operates on the basis of employing various measures of exclusion and oppression in the name of protecting a threatened group. These exclusionary oppressive measures are mainly legitimated through the spectacle of the

Andrew Horn

performance and visual spectacle comprising word, gesture, and image; a complete system of performed communication to which she has applied the term “total rhetoric.” 2 Studying Jesuit works of art and architecture in the seventeenth century alongside the ephemeral creations which the Society produced

Costas M. Constantinou

Debord’s pioneering work, it can be argued that the spectacle has become the dominant form of representation in modern society, supplanting the actuality of social experience and serving as a paradigm of power. Power is not just exercised through the words of force and the force of words. It is also

Kevin van Doorn and Jacob G. Sivak

Edited by J. van Rooijen

The spectral transmittance of the optical media of the eye plays a substantial role in tuning the spectrum of light available for capture by the retina. Certain squamate reptiles, including snakes and most geckos, shield their eyes beneath a layer of transparent, cornified skin called the ‘spectacle’. This spectacle offers an added opportunity compared with eyelidded animals for tayloring the spectrum. In particular, the hard scale that covers the surface of the spectacle provides a unique material, keratin, rarely found in vertebrate eyes, a material which may have unique spectral properties. To verify this, shed snake and gecko skins were collected and the spectral transmittance of spectacle scales was spectrophotometrically analyzed. The spectacle scale was found generally to behave as a highpass filter with a cut-off in the ultraviolet spectrum where taxonomic variation is mostly observed. The spectacle scales of colubrid and elapid snakes were found to exhibit higher cut-off wavelengths than those of pythonids, vipers, and most boids. Gecko spectacle scales in turn exhibited exceptional spectral transmittance through the visual spectrum down into the UV-B. It is suggested that this is due to the absence of beta-keratins in their spectacle scale.


Margherita Carucci

beasts. Charting the typical arena spectacle is a difficult task, since the ancient sources are scattered. The standard ‘classical’ form of munus with morning venationes , lunchtime executions, and afternoon gladiatorial combats is a modern reconstruction that is not supported by ancient textual

Laurie Frederik

Kristina Wirtz, Performing Afro-Cuba: Image, Voice, Spectacle in the Making of Race and History . Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014. 344 pp. (Paper US$ 30.00) Performing Afro-Cuba is an impressive study of the way stories about the past shape processes of racialization that

‘This is Not a Trivialization of the Past’

Youthful Re-Mediations of Colonial Memory in Jakarta

Yatun Sastramidjaja

spectacle in itself’, as Peleggi (2005:264) argues is true of monumentalized colonial hotels in Southeast Asia, opened officials’ eyes to the potential to ‘tap into the high-end segment of the international tourism market’, as neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia had discovered before. This prospect made up

From ‘Men of Prowess’ to Religious Militias

Informal Sovereignties in Southeast Asia

Joshua Barker

perennialism; (2) the state and the market; and (3) the role of spectacle. In each of these domains scholars address questions and identify problems that are relevant for theorizing informal sovereignties everywhere. I will discuss each in turn. Patterns of Perennialism When one compares work

Kristin Hoganson

of causality. From Liberation to Conquest is sometimes better at explaining how war became a spectacle than what the implications of being a spectacle were. Miller seems torn between arguing that representations of war were too inconsistent and multivalent to have specific political consequences