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Author: Urmila Mohan

only protection. Devotees also wore the kantimala , or choker, a string of holy basil beads believed to purify the throat ( kanti ) and the voice as one practices chanting. (Some believed that, similar to a dog collar that warned others that the dog was owned by somebody and hence not just a stray

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and the Arts
Author: Lynn Kapitan

than anything, I see you living the truth that diversity is essential to your communities’ survival, and not simply because different voices are present. To take up the daunting challenges you face, a multitude of talents and perspectives are plainly needed. You would find it unacceptably limiting to

In: Art Therapy in Australia

: alive, conscious, aware. The voices, traces and imaginings of our ancestors: when to welcome? when to resist? Welcomes that go wrong. The imported and the local, fractious in the wide, brown land of stolen children and the big story. Historical injury and present injustice meet under soft leaves and

In: Art Therapy in Australia