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The Rise and Fall of a British Enterprise in Japan, 1868-1940
Established in the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement in 1868, Holme, Ringer & Co. led foreign business in western Japan up to the eve of the Second World War, engaging not only in the commodities trade and shipping and insurance agencies, but also trawl fishing and Norwegian-style whaling, hotel management, and the introduction of modern technologies such as waterworks, telephones, mechanised flour milling and large-scale petroleum storage. Gathering information from a wide range of sources, the author provides the first detailed description of these activities in Nagasaki and Shimonoseki while shedding light on the remarkable story of Frederick Ringer and his descendants, a British family that contributed to the development of modern Japan but ultimately found it impossible to stay.
The British Experience, 1854-1945
Long overdue, this important first full length account in English of the history of Japan’s first foreign settlement, which for centuries was the country’s only ‘front door’to the outside world, will be widely welcomed. Following the opening of Japan’s ports in 1859, Nagasaki rapidly became one of Japan’s leading industrial centres, which included shipbuilding, but, other than the history surrounding the atomic bombing of August 1945, in the post-war period, it has been largely overshadowed by interest in the Meiji settlements of Kobe and Yokohama. Fully illustrated, the value of the work is reinforced by additional key data to be found in the appendices, including the 1866 and 1898 Directories of Foreign Residents, the 1872 List of Property being Rented, a List of Existing Cultural Assets of the Former Nagasaki Foreign Settlement and a chronology of ‘Madame Butterfly and Nagasaki’.