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Studies in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Literature
From Revelation to Canon is a collection of essays that offers studies of texts, traditions, and themes from the Hebrew Bible and from the extra-biblical literature of the second-temple period.
Included in it are studies of apocalypticism, the high priesthood, calendars and festivals, and a series of essays on aspects of 1 Enoch and the Book of Jubilees. There is also a previously unpublished essay on the development of a canon of scripture in Judaism.
The volume gathers in one place, papers that were originally published in several journals, volumes of essays, and Festschriften.

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The Brill Jubilee volumes are being prepared to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first scroll discoveries in Qumran Cave I. They will contain a comprehensive set of cutting-edge articles on topics that are archeological, historical, literary, sociological, or theological in character.
The papers are being written by an international group of scholars who are actively engaged in the scrolls research today and are able to incorporate all of the Qumran evidence into their studies.
The Dead Sea Scrolls after Fifty Years is being published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the first scrolls at Qumran. The two-volume set contains a comprehensive set of cutting-edge articles on a wide range of topics that are archaeological, historical, literary, sociological, or theological in character.
Since the discovery of the first scrolls in 1947 an overwhelming number of studies has been published. Now, half a century later, nearly all scrolls found have been published in critical editions, and scholars can begin to assess the true relevance of the scrolls for the study of the Bible, Second Temple Judaism, and Early Christianity.
The contributors to these volumes form an international team of leading specialists in the field. They have written critical surveys of particular aspects of Dead Sea Scrolls research, focusing on significant developments, theories and conclusions, while also indicating directions for future study.
Presented to Eugene Ulrich
With contributions by many of his colleagues and former students, this volume pays homage to Eugene Ulrich, Chief Editor of the Cave 4 Biblical Scrolls and a foremost expert on the Biblical Scrolls, the Canon of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and the Septuagint. In line with Professor Ulrich’s areas of scholarship and interest, the almost 30 essays are grouped in three main sections: The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (including the Biblical Scrolls from the Judaean Desert); Qumran and the Non-Biblical Scrolls from the Judaean Desert; and the Septuagint and Other Ancient Versions. The volume includes a tribute to Eugene Ulrich and ends with a cumulative bibliography and several useful indices.