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William Dray

This book deals with theoretical problems that arise at points of contact between the concerns of philosophers and historians about the practice of historiography. In bringing together these critical studies on diverse but related themes, the book offers insight into the aims and methods of those working in theory of historiography in recent years, especially in English-speaking countries.

The Opening of Japan, 1853–1855

A Comparative Study of the American, British, Dutch and Russian Naval Expedition to Compel the Tokugawa Shogunate to Conclude Treaties and Open Ports to Their Ships in the Years 1853-55

William McOmie

Sub-titled A comparative study of the American, British, Dutch and Russian naval expeditions to compel the Tokugawa shogunate to conclude treaties and open ports to their ships, this highly informed and widely researched study provides for the first time a more complete picture of the competition and cooperation, distrust and open hostility of the four protagonists involved in this joint Western enterprise. In 1852, the news of the US government's plan to send a large naval expedition to Japan to demand the opening of its ports to American ships excited public interest and elicited differing responses among the European powers. For Russia, Japan was a neighbouring empire to whose ports it had itself long sought access; now, its jealousy aroused, and its own strategic interests seemingly under threat, Russia could not permit the United States to possibly exclude it from Japanese ports. In the wake of the Opium war, the Dutch king had urged the shogun to peacefully open its ports to the other Western powers; now the king and his ministers feared that the US expedition would take an overly aggressive approach that might involve the Netherlands in a war with Japan. Having previously opened Chinese ports to the West, Britain was occupied there, and willing to take 'a wait and see' attitude, temporarily conceding a leading role to the United States in Japan. (France had also previously made approaches to Japan, and in case of a successful outcome, would not lag far behind in sending its own warships to make arrangements with Japan.) Thus, the stage was set for the race between America and Russia to open 'Closed Japan' and the surrounding seas, while the Netherlands worked quietly behind the scenes, and Britain and France waited in the wings. This volume documents in detail the plans and outcomes of each of the four powers’ negotiations with Japan, lists the clauses of the resulting treaties and offers a comparative analysis of their merits and demerits; at the same time it provides a fascinating commentary on the way business was done by the Japanese with each country and its representatives.


William Bowman

Priest and Parish in Vienna, 1780 to 1880 is a bold, new social and cultural history of religion in modern Europe. By establishing some of the most important parameter of religious life, such as parish demographics, the economics of parish life, the social and national background of priests, and the world of Catholic sacrament and feastdays, this book contextualizes for the first time the contentious social and cultural relationship between religion and society in nineteenth-century Vienna.
In the nineteenth century, parish priests confronted tumultuous social changes such as industrialization and urbanization, which eroded clerical influence in Austria. Priests did not react well to this development and by the 1880s turned to party political activity in defense of their position within Austrian society. Eventually, many of the parish priests were mobilized into Karl Lueger's Christian Social movement. Parish priests, a very important and influential group in Austria, were therefore changed from servants of the state into political activists.

William Yost

The fifth edition of this successful introductory text on hearing sciences includes auditory, anatomy, physiology, psychoacoustics, and perception content. Fundamentals of Hearing is one of only a few textbooks that covers all of hearing at an introductory level. A meaningful introduction to hearing for students and a wealth of data and facts related to hearing for the professional. It it heavily illustrated with over 200 figures. Each chapter concludes with a Supplement section with additional resources about topics covered. Appendices provide background information to enable full comprehension of content. It contains a complete Glossary of terms from the American Standards Institute, a combined subject/author index, and a comprehensive bibliography.

Sayyid Quṭb and Islamic Activism

A Translation and Critical Analysis of Social Justice in Islam


William Shepard

This work is a translation of an important book by one of the forerunners of the current "resurgence" of Islam. Its author was a prominent Islamic activist in Egypt in the late 1940s and early 1950s and was jailed and eventually executed for his activities. Today he is commonly viewed as a martyr and his books are widely read.
First written in 1948, Social Justice in Islam went through five further editions, each revised in a manner reflecting his increasingly radical views. The present work translates the last edition, the most radical one, and also provides the alternative readings from the earlier editions, so that the reader can trace the development of the author's thinking. The introduction provides a brief biography of the author and an analysis of the changes in his thinking reflected in this book.

Foreign Images and Experiences of Japan

1: First Century AD - 1841

William McOmie

The first in a three-volume series, Volume 1 begins with the earliest written reports from China in the first century AD and ends with a survey of Dutch reports from 1841, which marks the point when ‘Japan had been amply described in all major respects’, and at a time when it began to be perceived as a less remote and more important country in Western eyes ‘yet still emphatically closed to all foreign trade except that of the Dutch and the Chinese’. Furthermore, in little more than a decade later the number and variety of accounts were to increase greatly following the American, Russian and British expeditions of 1853/54 – accounts which are to form a key element of Volume 2. The Contents are divided into two parts: chronological and thematic. Part I is devoted to a discussion and analysis of the dominant views and images of Japan found in each historical era. It also provides brief biographical data about those European and American travellers to Japan whose reports are quoted in Part II, including some sixty eyewitness accounts, along with concise summaries and commentaries. Compared to previous surveys, a significant aspect of this volume is the greater amount of biographical information regarding the leading European visitors to Japan that is provided, together with a concise analysis and evaluation of their original accounts by both contemporary and more recent critics. As a further innovation, excerpts from the reports of Russian visitors to Japan, including Adam Laxman and V.M.Golvnin are quoted for the first time alongside those of West European and American accounts. The volume is supported by a significant Glossary and Bibliography, as well as Subject and Name/Place Indexes.

William Cornelius

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Caused to Believe

The Doubting Thomas Story as the Climax of John's Christological Narrative


William Bonney

This book is a literary study of John’s gospel focusing upon the doubting Thomas story’s role as its climax. The author analyses the Thomas episode in light of the roles played by the characters Jesus encounters throughout the gospel. They serve primarily to reveal how Jesus’ identity as God’s life-giving son is perceived in relation to humanity. For those who believe, he is simultaneously both the cause and the object of faith. In John, “faith” and “life” are inseparable. The life that faith engenders flows from Jesus alone, and the faith achieved by his followers comes only as a result of his causative action. Thomas’ change from unbeliever to believer is the climactic illustration of this idea

William Vukowich

This comprehensive work covers the consumer protection laws and policies of governing bodies around the world. By presenting materials from edited laws, directives, courts cases, administrative regulations, and commission studies, the author explores the different approaches to the regulation of advertising, sales practices, credit, and product safety and quality. The methods by which consumer protection laws are enforced at the public and private level are also examined.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.