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Probate Inventories: A New Source for the Historical Study of Wealth, Material Culture and Agricultural Development

Papers Presented at the Leeuwenborch Conference (Wageningen, 5-7 May 1980)


Edited by Ad M. van der Woude and Anton J. Schuurman

Papers presented at the Leeuwenborch Conference (Wageningen, 5-7 may 1980).

Martin von Hase

Bibliographical descriptions of over 1200 Erfurt-printed books 1501 - 1550. Nearly one-hundred of these are published for the first time in the present third- and final edition.

De Declamatio bij de Humanisten

Bijdrage tot de studie van de functies van de Rhetorica in de Renaissance


Marc G.M. van der Poel

With a summary in English. Considerable attention is paid to the Declamation within the tradition of school-education. Consequently the present study is also of great interest for the history of Renaissance education.

Luthers Stellung zu den Juden

Eine Interpretation aus germanistischer Sicht


C. Bernd Sucher

Luther's position towards the Jews has hitherto always been studied from a theological angle. The present new approach, from the point-of-view of a Germanic scholar, results in the discovery of interesting new facts.


Edited by Ralph Keen

This tract, a defence of the faith of the English people, was originally published in 1526. The present new text-edition has a parallel English translation. It is preceded by an Introduction and followed by a Commentary, two Appendices and an Index.

The Pentagram as a Medical Symbol

An Iconological Study

Jan Schouten

The five-pointed star drawn in an unbroken line is the subject of the present study. During the 16th century until into the 17th century the pentagram was a well-known medical emblem; nowadays it is almost completely forgotten.


Jean Peeters-Fontainas

Edited by Anne-Marie Frédéric

Comprehensive bibliography of Spanish books printed in the Southern Netherlands (present-day Belgium) until 1800. It includes books in Spanish (even in part) printed within the present frontiers of Belgium, but also books printed under a fictitious Belgian imprint, or, vice versa, in Belgium under a fictitious foreign imprint, as well as imprints without place or publisher whose subject matter suggests a Belgian origin. 1413 Titles (plus a few Addenda) are described in great detail. A chronological list (1520-1785) and extensive Indexes at end. All the marks and devices of the printers and publishers dealt with are reproduced in the original size. Awarded the Triennial Prize for Bibliography of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers.

François Secret

The present edition contains a complete facsimile of the only printed edition of this text, viz. the Latin version (Venice, 1548), which is of the utmost scarcity. Further more faithful facsimiles of three printed broadsides, and no less than four facsimiles of manuscripts, viz. the Avec une Introduction et des Notes. Hebrew, Latin, Italian and French versions of the text. Moreover of the Latin and the French manuscript-versions complete transcriptions are given as well. This related group of texts is preceded by a valuable introduction and followed by extensive notes.


P.J. de Rijke

Attractive and richly illustrated publication in which for the first time a complete survey of all printed maps of the province of Friesland (Frisia) is presented. Over a hundred maps from the period 1545-1850 are systematically and extensively described and analyzed. Also attention is given to the producers, engravers and publishers of the maps and the different states of the maps. Each map is depicted in one or more different states. Important work for the history of government of the province, development of the territory and the many varieties and changes in toponyms of the Frisian towns and villages are described in the introduction, preceding the cartobibliography. With summary in English.

Mappæ antiquæ: Liber Amicorum Günter Schilder (2 Vols.)

Vriendenboek ter gelegenheid van zijn 65ste verjaardag / Essays on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday / Festschrift zur Vollendung seines 65. Lebensjahres / Mélanges offerts pour son 65ième anniversaire


Edited by Paula van Gestel-Van het Schip and Peter C.J. van der Krogt

This Liber Amicorum was published to celebrate the 65th birthday of a man who travelled to the farthest corners of the world to study maps, atlases and historic documents with love and passion throughout his entire life, then describing and analyzing them down to the smallest detail. It was presented to him 16th February 2007 by the editorial staff and all the others who worked on this publication to mark the occasion of his 65th birthday as well as the fact that he has been the holder for over 25 years of the only chair in the history of cartography in the world.
The work contains 49 contributions about cartographic subjects all by well-known cartographers, conservators and other map-related specialists throughout the world.