Edited by Scott Mandelbrote and Jitse van der Meer

The four companion volumes of Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions contribute to a contextual evaluation of the mutual influences between scriptural exegesis and hermeneutics on the one hand and practices or techniques of interpretation in natural philosophy and the natural sciences on the other. We seek to raise the low profile this theme has had both in the history of science and in the history of biblical interpretation. Furthermore, questions about the interpretation of scripture continue to be provoked by current theological reflection on scientific theories. We also seek to provide a historical context for renewed reflection on the role of the hermeneutics of scripture in the development of theological doctrines that interact with the natural sciences.

Contributors are J. Matthew Ashley, Robert E. Brown, Elizabeth Chmielewski, Edward B. Davis, Henri Wijnandus de Knijff, Marwa Elshakry, Richard England, Menachem Fisch, George Harinck, Bernhard Kleeberg, Scott Mandelbrote, G. Blair Nelson, Alexei V. Nesteruk, Jitse M. van der Meer, Rob P. W. Visser, and William Yarchin.

Edited by P. Boomgaard

The study of health and illness in Indonesia has long been an expanding field for scholars with a medical or social science background, both in Indonesia and abroad. European interest in this topic has increased considerably during recent decades. The articles presented in this volume highlight the cultural, political, economic, and social framework within which theory and practice of health care in Java operate at present and in the past.
The Editors of this series take 'Catholic Theology' to be theology that reflects on themes in systematic theology, moral theology and historical theology as these have presented or now present themselves in the Roman Catholic tradition. Moreover, Brill’s Studies in Catholic Theology includes studies that contribute to the theology of the one, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church as confessed in the Nicene Creed (as opposed to theologies of particular churches and traditions). Manuscripts published in the series will mainly be either studies on the history of Catholic theology that are relevant for the present time or constructive contributions to the articulation of Catholic theology for today. We aim at publishing high-quality academic monographs by established scholars, coherent volumes of essays and excellent PhD dissertations.

This is a new series with an average of 1,5 volumes per year.

De Declamatio bij de Humanisten

Bijdrage tot de studie van de functies van de Rhetorica in de Renaissance


Marc G.M. van der Poel

With a summary in English. Considerable attention is paid to the Declamation within the tradition of school-education. Consequently the present study is also of great interest for the history of Renaissance education.

Luthers Stellung zu den Juden

Eine Interpretation aus germanistischer Sicht


C. Bernd Sucher

Luther's position towards the Jews has hitherto always been studied from a theological angle. The present new approach, from the point-of-view of a Germanic scholar, results in the discovery of interesting new facts.
Brill launched a handbook series, designed to present state-of-the-art reference volumes in the field of linguistics.

The series published one volume over the last 5 years.

Edited by Anthony Axon and Susan Hewitt

The book series Contemporary Archive of the Islamic World offers political and economic reports about the countries of the Islamic world from the mid-1970s until the present-day. Originally published in a yearbook format covering the entire Middle East each year, the present series offers the accumulated contributions per country for all available years. These country surveys were authored by knowledgeable insiders – academics, journalists, politicians, etc. – whose reports are both reliable and accessible. The series is an invaluable resource for researchers and is also suitable for classroom use.

Negotiating Identities

Essays on Immigration and Culture in Present-Day-Europe


Edited by Aleksandra Alund and Raoul Granqvist

This book is about the new possibilities that emerge at the conjunction of the cultural trajectories of the present. Through different journeys in the European, and particularly the Scandinavian and the British present, the authors of this collection of essays discuss the interrelations of culture, race, gender, ethnicity and identity. They elucidate how identies are negotiated and cultures processed. The passages of culture addressed here open for a deeper understanding of the varieties of ethnicity and in particular of those of the borderlands with their potential for intercultural and transnational conversation.

Bernd Radtke

The series Basic Texts of Islamic Mysticism intends to publish important texts of Islamic mysticism both from the early and classical periods, as well as from more recent times. The texts will be presented in translation with scholarly commentaries.

Editor-in-Chief Giuseppe Veltri

Studies in Jewish History and Culture aims to present a wide spectrum of studies that cover Jewish history, society, and culture from antiquity to the present. The series seeks to highlight diversity within Judaism as well as the interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish civilizations. Encompassing all geographical areas and all periods in the history of Judaism, this series specializes in intellectual history, translations and translation process, folklore and daily life, and literature and literary theory.

The series published an average of 3,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.