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Christianity, Latinity, and Culture

Two Studies on Lorenzo Valla


Salvatore I. Camporeale

Edited by Patrick Baker and Christopher S. Celenza

The work of Lorenzo Valla (1406-57) has enjoyed renewed attention in recent years, as have new critical editions of his texts. One of the most interesting interpreters of Valla, Salvatore I. Camporeale, O.P., had a following among scholars who read Italian, but very little of his work saw the light in English before his death in 2002. This book presents two of Camporeale’s studies on Valla in English, which examine in detail two of Valla’s works: his treatise on the Donation of Constantine (undoubtedly the work for which Valla is best known) and his Encomium of Saint Thomas Aquinas, delivered publicly in the last year of Valla’s life and, in Camporeale’s reading, summing up Valla’s multi-faceted thought.

Conflicting Values of Inquiry

Ideologies of Epistemology in Early Modern Europe


Edited by Tamás Demeter, Kathryn Murphy and Claus Zittel

Historical research in previous decades has done a great deal to explore the social and political context of early modern natural and moral inquiries. Particularly since the publication of Steven Shapin and Simon Schaffer’s Leviathan and the Air-Pump (1985) several studies have attributed epistemological stances and debates to clashes of political and theological ideologies. The present volume suggests that with an awareness of this context, it is now worth turning back to questions of the epistemic content itself. The contributors to the present collection were invited to explore how certain non-epistemic values had been turned into epistemic ones, how they had an effect on epistemic content, and eventually how they became ideologies of knowledge playing various roles in inquiry and application throughout early modern Europe.