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Past, Present, Future

The Deuteronomistic History and the Prophets


Edited by Johannes de Moor and H.R. van Rooy

In the politico-religious history of the Deuteronomists, past, present and future mingle in an often inextricable way. Long obsolete traditions, which had been unacceptable to the Davidic dynasty, were rediscovered and adapted to the aims of the Deuteronomists. Personages of the past were
condemned and blackened in the light of the new ideology, whereas others were glorified and embellished as heroes of faith because their ideas suited the historians.
This inevitably raises the question whether the Bible can be trusted as a source book for writing a history of Israel. Apparently not, say scholars like T.L. Thompson, P.R. Davies and N.P. Lemche. In this volume a number of authors take up this challenge, stating that the radical rejection of the biblical testimony in favour of a history based mainly on archaeology is ill-advised.
Several contributions to this volume draw instructive parallels between the process of re-writing the history of South Africa and the work of the Deuteronomists.

The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible

The Relationship between the Masoretic Text and the Hebrew Base of the Septuagint Reconsidered


Edited by Adrian Schenker

The essays presented in this volume reflect the present state of research into the latest stages of the literary development of the Hebrew Bible and the earliest period of its textual history. They reassess the relationship between the Septuagint and the Hebrew text of the Bible, and shed new light on the literary history and transmission of biblical books between 300 B.C.E. and 100 C.E., a crucial period for the history of the biblical canon.
The distinguished list of contributors includes Dieter Böhler (Germany), Pierre-Maurice Bogaert (Belgium), Johan Lust (Belgium), Natalio Fernández Marcos (Spain), Olivier Munnich (France), Adrian Schenker (Switzerland), and Emanuel Tov (Israel).

Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (


Melvin Peters

This volume continues a well-established tradition of presenting the proceedings of the triennial Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS) in published form. In method and content, the seventeen papers published here represent the current state of Septuagint studies, ranging in their approach from the conceptual to the specific and in their subject matter from specific Septuagint texts to issues of translation past and present. The contributors are Anneli Aejmelaeus, Hans Ausloos, Mathilde Aussedat, Jean-Marie Auwers, Mario Cimosa, Johann Cook, Claude E. Cox, Evangelia G. Dafni, Sabine van den Eynde, Leonard J. Greenspoon, Katrin Hauspie, Theo van der Louw, Michaël N. van der Meer, Melvin K. H. Peters, Joachim Schaper, Stefan Schorch, Jannes Smith, and Raija Sollamo.

Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (

Text, Translation, and Tradition

Studies on the Peshitta and its Use in the Syriac Tradition Presented to Konrad D. Jenner on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday


Edited by Wido Th. van Peursen and Bas Ter Haar Romeny

This volume contains eighteen articles in honour of Konrad D. Jenner written by his friends and colleagues from all parts of the world and presented to him on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. The laureate has been a staff member of the Leiden Peshitta Institute for 35 years and has been its director since 1993. The contributions cover the broad field of Peshitta studies, addressing text-critical and text-historical questions, linguistic and translational issues, and the use of the Peshitta in the Syriac tradition. Thus the reader is given an up-to-date picture of research into the Syriac Bible. The editors, Wido van Peursen and Bas ter Haar Romeny, are two colleagues of Konrad Jenner at the Leiden Peshitta Institute.

The Book of Tobit: Text, Tradition, Theology

Papers of the First International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, Pápa, Hungary, 20-21 May, 2004


Edited by Géza Xeravits and József Zsengellér

This volume contains the proceedings of the first of an international series of conferences on the deuterocanonical literature organised by the Shime‘on Centre in Pápa, Hungary. Renowned international scholars of the field treat questions of text in the Book of Tobit, the underlying traditions and theological questions. The importance of the deuterocanonical corpus is widely recognised in contemporary scholarship. This is marked by the growing number of related publications. Yet it remains important to create an opportunity to work through the entire deuterocanonical material as such. These conferences aim to provide a yearly forum for discussion of this literature. The next conferences planned are on Maccabees (2005), Sirach (2006), Wisdom (2007), Additions (2008) and Judith (2009), and as a result, the organisers plan to publish five more volumes. Together with the present volume these will cover the entire deuterocanonical corpus.

Let the Daughters Live!

The Literary Architecture of Exodus 1-2 as a Key for Interpretation



This study deals with the structure, coherence and composition of the stories of Exodus 1 and 2 with a view to contributing to the interpretation of biblical narrative in general.
In the first chapter the author introduces the method and analytical procedures employed. In the subsequent chapters the method is applied to the literary architecture of the stories in Exodus 1 and 2. The last chapter presents a sample of the exegesis as a practical demonstration of how the method described can be integrated into the interpretative procedure.
The approach presented in this volume provides an instructive introduction to newer techniques in interpretation. Though of special interest to feminist interpreters, it also speaks to a broad range of those who are engaged in modern types of exegesis.

The Book of Proverbs

A Survey of Modern Study



This volume, the first of its kind, surveys Proverbs studies from 1870 to the present day. It describes theories of origins and background (affinities with international wisdom, supposed rootage in court, school and tribal wisdom), literary and structural aspects such as the nature of Hebrew poetry and the composition of the proverb collections, the special problems of chapters 1-9, 22:16-24:34 and 30-31, theological ideas (especially relationships with Egyptian wisdom texts and with characteristic Old Testament teaching), date, text and versions.
This work will be of interest to all teachers and students of Proverbs, but is especially directed to the needs of those preparing or directing doctoral dissertations.
The bibliography lists 350 books and articles, all of which are discussed in the text and notes.

The Crisis of Israelite Religion

Transformation of Religious Tradition in Exilic and Post-Exilic Times


Edited by M.C.A. Korpel and Bob Prof. Dr. Becking

Exile and Return have caused a crisis in Israelite religion. This crisis eventually gave the impetus for the emergence of Judaism. The papers in this volume, originally read at a Symposium organized by Utrecht University in April 1998, discuss the relevant aspects of this crisis and the shift from Yahwism to Judaism. The collection of papers is unique in presenting a multidimensional treatment of the problems involved. Biblical texts are read against their historical background with the question in mind: How did the author(s) of this text cope with the changed and shifting situation? Next to that the period under consideration is discussed from historical, religion-historical, archaeological and iconographic angles.
The volume underscores the significance of this period for Biblical studies and will certainly yield further discussion.

Thomas Renz

In this study, Renz argues that the book of Ezekiel functions as a rhetorical unit, that it addresses a specific rhetorical situation, and that it aims at shaping the self-understanding of the second-generation of Judaean exiles and defining the “true Israel.” After examining the historical context of the exile, the author addresses the overall literary arrangement and the individual rhetorical techniques in the book. A final chapter explores the book's rhetorical effectiveness in presenting a suitable response to the issues the exilic community faced. Renz offers both a convincing analysis of the book of Ezekiel as well as a model for the fruitful integration of traditional critical methods with more recent literary, rhetorical, and sociological approaches. This book will interest all those who study the history, literature, and theology of ancient Israel.

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Biblia Qumranica

Volume 3 B. Minor Prophets


Edited by Beate Ego, Armin Lange, Hermann Lichtenberger and Kristin de Troyer

The biblical Dead Sea Scrolls are about a thousand years older than the earliest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible and provide crucial insights into the history of the biblical texts. The Biblia Qumranica is the first comparative edition of these unique textual witnesses. The present volume provides a synopsis of the Minor Prophets manuscripts from Qumran and the other sites at the Dead Sea. In addition the Masoretic text (according to Codex Leningradiensis) and the Septuagint (according to the Göttingen edition) are included as reference texts.
The Biblia Qumranica is a unique tool for text-critical analysis which allows for the first time to analyse and interpret the textual witnesses of the Hebrew Bible as preserved from the Second Temple period in comparison to each other.