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Edited by Penelope Tuson

British Intelligence on Yemen, c. 1880-1948
Political and Secret Subject Files on Yemen and the Aden Protectorate, 1902-1930 (BIY-2)

During the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, Yemen was a focus of imperial ambitions and economic interests. The archives of the Political and Secret Department of the India Office are an outstanding source of information, not only on international involvement and British policies and aspirations in the area, but also on the internal political, social, and commercial development of the region.

This collection is also included in the British Intelligence on Yemen, c. 1880-1948 collection.
Indian Political Intelligence (IPI) Files, 1912-1950

Archival collection of intelligence files concerning the monitoring of organisations and individuals considered a threat to British India. Included are surveillance reports and intercepts from MI6, MI5, and the Special Branch, as well as a large number of intelligence summaries and position papers. The main thrust is anti-communist.

This collection is also included in the Indian Political Intelligence (IPI) Files, 1912-1950 collection.

Various Authors & Editors

Philological Serials

Periodical titles on the subject of philology.
Romance Linguistics and Dialectology

Serials on the subject of romance linguistics and dialectology.

Various Authors & Editors

Serials and reference sources in Russian on the subject of botany and biology. Includes multi-volume works and publications from societies.

Various Authors & Editors

Slavonic Reference Works

Primarily Russian dictionaries and encylopedias on the subjects of botany, geography, law, linguistics/literature, maritime topics, religion, statistics, technology and general.

Various Authors & Editors

The Hague, 1940-1945

Photographs taken by Dutch photographer Menno Huizinga (1907-1947). Huizinga documented the violence of World War II as it came to The Hague. Subjects include bombardments, evacuations, scenes depicting hunger and other subjects.
Approximately 400 photographs.

Various Authors & Editors

Sarvodaya Movement in India in the 1950s

This collection covers a wide range of subjects, including traditional crafts, philosophy, Bhoodan, self-managment, Savodaya movement conferences, education, spiritual songs, Gandhi, agriculture, economics, etcetera. Many of the works were written by Vinoba Bhave. The works date from the 1950s.
Historical Photographs of the Middle East

A selection of photographs dated between 1858 and 1973 from the photo archive in the Middle East Centre of St. Antony's College, Oxford. The collection documents political, historical, archaeological and anthropological events and subjects in the Middle East.
16,122 photographs.

Various Authors & Editors

Soviet World, 1948-1989
A bibliography of articles from the Soviet and Western press

Approximately 300,000 references arranged in an author and subject card file, to approximately 300 serials (newspapers and periodicals) published from 1948 to December 1989 in the Soviet Union and the West, covering the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.