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Edited by Gary Gurtler and William Wians

This volume, the twenty-ninth year of published proceedings, contains six papers and commentaries presented to the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy during academic year 2012-13. The paper topics include: Glaucon's fate in the Republic, divine creation and human responsibility in the Timaeus, Aristotle on orexis in generation, on the biological use of analogy and finally on dialectic as proto-phenomenological, and lastly, Proclus on likeness and unlikeness as ontological first principles.


Edited by Gary Gurtler and William Wians

This volume, the twenty-eighth year of published proceedings, contains seven papers and commentaries presented to the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy during academic year 2011-12. The paper topics include: stages of early Greek cosmology, the decline of political virtue in Republic 8-9, two dogmas of Platonism, Meno's paradox and Sisyphus, puzzles and perplexity in Plato's dialogues, Nous and its objects in Aristotle, and Plotinus' Socratic intellectualism.


Edited by Buford Norman

The essays in this volume investigate origins and identities of individuals and groups in French literature from the seventeenth century to the present, as well in French literature in general. They show how, as France developed a national identity through its literature, individuals of various origins searched for their own identities and often called into question not only traditional identities, but also the very literary means of creating them.

Michel Pêcheux: Automatic Discourse Analysis

With contributions of Simone Bonnafous, Françoise Gadet, Paul Henry, Alain Lecomte, Jacqueline Léon, Denise Maldidier, Jean-Marie Marandin and Michel Plon


Michel Pêcheux

This volume offers the long-awaited overview of the work of the French philosopher and discourse analyst Michel Pêcheux, who was the leading figure in French discourse analysis until his death in 1983. The volume presents the first English publication of the work of Pêcheux and his coworkers on automatic discourse analysis. It is presented with extensive annotations and introductions, written by former colleagues such as Françoise Gadet, Paul Henry and Denise Maldidier. Outside France, French discourse analysis is almost exclusively known as the form of philosophical discourse presented by such authors as Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida. The contemporary empirical forms of French discourse analysis have not reached a wider public to the degree they deserve. Through its combination of original texts, annotations, and several introductory texts, this volume facilitates an evaluation of both results and weaknesses of French discourse analysis in general and of the work of Michel Pêcheux and his coworkers in particular.


Edited by John J. Cleary and Gary Gurtler

This Silver Jubilee volume contains papers originally presented to the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy during the 2002-3 academic year. All of the papers presented that year were given by scholars who are regarded as leading figures in different areas in the history of ancient philosophy. From the eight papers published in this volume two concern various aspects of myth in Plato’s Republic and one explores the hermeneutical retrieval of time and memory in the Platonic corpus in general. Two papers deal with the topics from the field of physics, movement in Plato and Aristotle and the theories of atomism in the Old Academy. Finally, two papers deal with topics from the field of ethics, eudaimonism in the Greeks and morality in Seneca.

This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

A Revolt Against Liberalism

American Radical Historians, 1959-1976


A.A.M. van der Linden

This is the first study to provide a comprehensive picture of the revolt brought about by American radical historians in the 1960s and 1970s. With the turbulent sixties as a backdrop, the work of radical luminaries like Eugene Genovese, Herbert Gutman, Staughton Lynd, William Appleman Williams and Howard Zinn is discussed. These historians made a significant contribution to present-day notions about slavery, working-class history, the New Deal, the Cold War and a wealth of other subjects. Their main target was American liberalism. Radical criticism centered on the liberal concepts of the division of power and of the nature of man. The acrimonious debate which ensued tore the historical profession apart. Therefore most historians have stressed the disagreements between liberals and radicals. Yet, in this study it will be argued that in some respects the radicals were part and parcel of mainstream historiography, though they presented a radical version of it.

An Indonesian Frontier

Acehnese and Other Histories of Sumatra

Anthony Reid

Sumatra is a vast and understudied island with a population of 43 million people divided into a variety of ethnic groups. Apart from William Marsden's great study of 1783, few serious historical works deal with Sumatra's history, and even fewer attempt to describe that history as a coherent whole.
Sumatra's rich resources of land and minerals, and its enterprising people, have made it the prosperous frontier of the Archipelago. But the island's people, most of whom were stateless highlanders until the 20th century, were politically united only by the rule of Dutch Batavia and Indonesian Jakarta. Sumatrans have a tradition of defying central authority, and the Acehnese are once again, as in Dutch times, kept in the nation only by force.
This book is the fruit of 40 years' study of Sumatran history, from the 16th century to the present. While seeking patterns of coherence in this vast island, it focuses on Aceh, which has both the most illustrious past and the most troubled present of any Sumatran region.


Edited by Gary Gurtler and William Wians

This volume, the twenty-fifth year of published proceedings, contains seven papers and commentaries presented to the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy during academic year 2008-9. The papers treat topics including: mind and body in Heraclitus and Anaxagoras, a reconsideration of Socratic intellectualism, the positive motivational intent of Platonic poetics, politics and dialectic in the Statesman, Aristotle on community life, the nature of virtue according to Chrysippus, and the beauty of scientific knowledge in Proclus.


Alan Jones

Jones, A. An Eleventh-century Manual of Arabo-Byzantine Astronomy. 1987
O. Neugebauer has written an excellent commentary on the anonymous "Methods of Computing Various Astronomical Hypotheses". The present volume is intended to complement Neugebauer's commentary by supplying a critical edition and translation of the "Methods", along with notes that mostly concern textual problems and the identification of sources in Arabic astronomy, aspects of the work that are less exhaustively treated by Neugebauer.
CAB 3 (1987), 199 p. 22x30 cm. - 60.00 EURO, ISBN: 9050630146

Edited by Ursula Klein and Carsten Reinhardt

Leading historians of chemistry present fascinating case studies illuminating a broad array of objects of inquiry in modern chemistry, from the eighteenth century until today. These include every day items such as glass as well as invisible networks of experimentation and theory.

This collection of essays is based on two workshops that took place at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and the CHF in Philadelphia.

Distribution in the Americas by Science History Publications/USA, ISBN 978-0-88135-460-7