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Editor: F.W.T. Hunger
Catalogue of the Clusius exhibition in Leiden, October 19-20th 1926. With an introduction.
The seventeenth century is an underrepresented period in the publications on watermarks. A growing demand in the fields of history and art history for exact dating of documents and artworks on seventeenth century paper was one of the main reasons for the authors to conduct research in this area. This book is based on the "Ingekomen Stukken" ("Received Pieces") of the Staten van Zeeland (States of Zeeland), carefully collected per year and preserved in the Zeeland Archives in Middelburg. In order to reproduce the watermarks in actual size, as was the case in volume 1600-1650, "soft X-ray" equipment developed by Dr. Jan van Aken (emeritus professor dental radiology of the University of Utrecht) was used.
With 1221 black and white and 7 full colour true size photographs and detailed descriptions Watermarks (1650-1700) Found in the Zeeland Archives gives together with the first volume ( Watermarks (1600-1650) Found in the Zeeland Archives) a long awaited overview of the watermarks and the types of paper that where available in The Netherlands in the 17th century.
An indispensable tool for all those who are interested in paper, economy, history and art-history.
With this work the authors are filling a gap which is existing on the research material of watermarks of the seventeenth century. The research for this book is based on the X-ray method developed by Jan van Aken, emiritus professor dental radiology of the University of Utrecht. This method guarentees a 100% accurate digital image of the watermark. With 675 true size photographs and detailed descriptions
Basson takes a prominent place among the publishers and booksellers who served the Leiden academic institutions. Contains a full bibliography of publications (187 entries).
The Catalogue Compiled by Anthonie Smets in 1686, the 1749 Auction Catalogue and Other Contemporary Sources
Edited with introduction and notes. With notes on the manuscripts by A.S. Korteweg.
Leven en werk van Frits Lensvelt (1886-1945)
Published on the occasion of two exhibitions (in Amsterdam and in Assen) on the life and works of Frits Lensvelt. This versatile and influential Dutch designer and artist, who is probably best known in the world of theatre for his designs of stage decors, also made a name for himself as a book decorator and illustrator, a designer of decorative lamps, and as an interior architect. Licht als leidraad consists of contributions by Tuja van den Berg ("Leven en werk van Frits Lensvelt"), Rob van der Zalm ("Frits Lensvelt en het toneel"), Henriëtte Wijmenga ("Frits Lensvelt als ontwerper van lampen en als binnenhuisarchitect") en Jan Storm van Leeuwen ("Frits Lensvelt en het boek")
Verkenningen in veertien culturen