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The Redaction of the Book of Joshua in the Light of the Oldest Textual Witnesses
This volume offers a critical examination of recent theories concerning the growth of biblical literature in the light of the oldest textual witnesses (the Qumran biblical scrolls and the Septuagint). On the basis of a fresh examination of a selection of passages in the book of Joshua, it is shown that these witnesses do not reflect a stage in the literary formation of the book prior to the standardised (Masoretic) text, but a reinterpretation and reformulation of its contents. The study presents a new literary-critical solution to the intricate problems of Joshua 8 and a detailed exegesis of the Greek version of Joshua 1 and 5. Of special interest for Qumran scholars is the new reconstruction of 4QJoshuaª.
In: Septuagint, Targum and Beyond
In: Isaiah in Context
In: The Land of Israel in Bible, History, and Theology
In: Dust of the Ground and Breath of Life (Gen 2:7) - The Problem of a Dualistic Anthropology in Early Judaism and Christianity
In: Formation and Reformulation