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In talk about the future of the book, the analogue book appears to be confronted with digitalised books, digital publications and digital reading devices in seemingly irreconcilable ways. The reason for this may lie in the implicit assumption that the digital will sooner or later replace the analogue. In view of the past, the effectiveness of analogue books and their contributions to the intellectual development of humans and their knowledge are undisputed; but the practical advantages of the digital, especially in terms of its accessibility, currently enjoy such primacy that there seems to be something irksome about the analogue and its materiality. This perspective neglects the possibility that the future of the book may connect the analogue and material, on the one hand, and the digital and immaterial, on the other, in original ways. In keeping with this idea, the following examples are less about a confrontation between the one and the other, and more about a combination of the one with the other.

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