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Ways of Being, Belonging, and Becoming

Arts Practice, the Relational, and Cultural Learning

Peter R. Wright

Teachers as Cultural Translators

Beyond the Cultural Paradigm

Peter Mbago Wakholi and Peter R. Wright

Sean Wiebe, Ellyn Lyle, Peter R. Wright, Kimberly Dark, Mitchell McLarnon and Liz Day

A.J.C. Lach de Bére, Fernand Langenhove, J.H. Scherer, A.H.J. Prins, P. Driessens, Carol Brubaker, Joh. J. Hanrath, W. Ph. Coolhaas, H.R.C. Wright, H.J. Graaf, M.A.P. Meilink-Roelofsz, ? Logemann, Herbert Feith, F.D.K. Bosch, G. Coedés, L. Sluimers, J.G. Keyes, L. Sluimers, Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah, A.F.P. Hulsewé, G.P. Oery, C.H.M. Palm, Felix M. Keesing, P. Emst, Andrew Sharp, R.A. Römer, H. Hoetink, H.Th. Fischer, S. Kwast, H. Th. Fischer, Peter Greece and Denmark, J. Baal, F. Sierksma, A. Teeuw and Amir Hamzah

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