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Manuscrits inédits publiés avec une introduction et des notes. This study, based on unpublished documents, concentrates on the notorious Venetian trial of 1555.
Published on the occasion of the quartercentenary of the death of Guillaume Postel (1510-1581). Contains the following hitherto unpublished texts:
• Traduction du Sefer-ha-Bahir
• Apologie à G. Lindan
• De la restitution de la vérité démonstrative des temps courants
• Aphorismes pour servir d'appendice au De Orbis terrae concordia
• De magia orientali
• Catastrophes veritatis et victoriae aethernae de praesentis mundi immutatione
• Qu'est ce que de l'image de Dieu à laquelle l'homme est crée, formé et faict?
They are preceded by an introduction and followed by an index.
The present edition contains a complete facsimile of the only printed edition of this text, viz. the Latin version (Venice, 1548), which is of the utmost scarcity. Further more faithful facsimiles of three printed broadsides, and no less than four facsimiles of manuscripts, viz. the Avec une Introduction et des Notes. Hebrew, Latin, Italian and French versions of the text. Moreover of the Latin and the French manuscript-versions complete transcriptions are given as well. This related group of texts is preceded by a valuable introduction and followed by extensive notes.