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CE I, chapters 14 and 16, present Gregory’s basic arguments, taken from Scripture, tradition and reason, against Eunomius’ method of exchanging the biblical names of the three persons of the Trinity “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” with paraphrases defining their characteristics and functions. While the first twenty chapters of Eunomius’ Apologia mostly use philosophical and logical arguments, chapters 21 to 28 eventually concentrate on six biblical quotations in order to prove that the Father alone is the one true God (Mt 19:17; Jn 16:27; 17:3; 20:17; 1 Tim 6,15 and 16). Beyond correcting Eunomius’ interpretation of these quotations Gregory introduces Prov 8:22, Jn 1:3; 1 Cor 15:28 and Col 1:16–17 as biblical arguments in favour of the true divinity of both Son and Holy Spirit. Thus he complements Basil’s general biblical theology against Eunomius and specifies it in detail.

In: Gregory of Nyssa: Contra Eunomium I